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Tag: Internet

No Pixel 4 smartphone for Google fans in India

Internet giant’s decision reportedly based on refusal to disable barred radar frequency feature.

Gunshots fired by militants, soldiers in Kashmir

First signs of unrest since India restored mobile phone connectivity after a prolonged shutdown.

Blizzard denies China a factor in gamer ban

Studio acted with global audience in mind.

Curi data naik 2 kali ganda, RAMCI nasihat pengguna internet proaktif

Kes-kes kecurian identiti atau data peribadi meningkat 20% kepada 446 kes pada tahun lepas berbanding 371 pada 2017.

TikTok turns its back on political ads

The nature of paid political ads is not something that fits the TikTok experience.

PayPal abandons Facebook-backed Libra cryptocurrency group

PayPal says it remains supportive of Libra’s aspirations and looks forward to working together in future.

Facebook increases pressure on Snapchat with ‘Threads’ app

Threads app is the fastest way to share a photo or video with user's close friends on Instagram.

Officials request Facebook to rethink end-to-end encryption

The letter called on Facebook and other companies to create means where governments can access messages if necessary.

Scorsese and Netflix unveil ambitious new film ‘The Irishman’

The film uses a new technology developed by Industrial Light & Magic to digitally ‘de-age’ actors on screen.

No contracts will be handed out under NFCP, says Gobind

The minister says telcos will decide who they want to appoint to carry out their initiatives.

Poetry in motion: Social media revives ancient art

The youth and diversity of the 'Instapoets' have made teenagers aware that not all poems are written by 'dead white men from 200 years ago.'

The big business of classic TV for streaming giants

As online video platforms jockey for position with new rivals for audience share, classic television series are commanding hefty sums.

Philippines not satisfied with lower tax take from online gaming

Philippines finance secretary threatens to close down online gaming companies that fail to pay their taxes.

As Opcom shares rise, so do whispers about cronyism and ‘New...

Eyebrows were raised about the spike in share price of the company in which Mukhriz Mahathir is a substantial shareholder.

TripAdvisor failing to stop fake reviews, says study

TripAdvisor took down hundreds of reviews after the investigation by Which?

400 mil Facebook users’ phone numbers exposed in privacy lapse

Facebook downplayed the extent of the exposure saying the number of accounts so far confirmed was around half of the reported 419 million.

Asia’s richest man is handing out free televisions

Asia’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani is handing out TVs to hook users on movies and entertainment shows via Internet.

Australia to block internet domains hosting extremist content during terror attacks

Australia and New Zealand have increased scrutiny of websites and social media companies in the wake of the Christchurch massacre in March.

Ditipu scam: Apa anda perlu buat?

Internet adalah medium semua orang mencari maklumat serta ada jugak pihak mengambil kesempatan menyebarkan penipuan.

Internet shutdowns, online ban no solution to intolerance, says Kit Siang

The DAP leader comments on the growing tendencies of democracies to stop internet access as police impose a rare ban on Zakir Naik's speeches.

Teenage Fortnite champion Giersdorf ‘swatted’ at home

The teenage millionaire competitive Fortnite player was live-streaming when the swatting incident happened.

8chan owner blasts ‘sinister’ shutdown

Jim Watkins suggests a conspiracy theory where big companies are consolidating power by suppressing smaller companies like his.

Cloudflare ends services for ‘lawless’ 8chan after El Paso massacre

In a blog post announcing the move, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince described the no-censorship site as 'a cesspool of hate.'

New cars vulnerable to hacks that could leave thousands dead

The group of car industry technologists and experts speculated that a fleet-wide hack at rush hour could leave about 3,000 people dead.