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Tag: Internet

Addicts can now ‘cook’ their own drugs with help online

Pengasih, the drug and addiction rehabilitation centre, is concerned over the easy availability of drugs.

No free Penang WiFi where people gather, says assembly member

Shariful Azhar: WiFi services are supposed to be placed in areas where people gather like hospitals, public libraries, parks and recreation halls, not placed just anywhere

Johari: Telecommunication as important as highways

Sarawak's Internet and broadband services need improvement and upgrading for economic transformation.

Jakim: Misleading info on Islam can confuse Muslims

There are people using information technology to lure young Muslims into straying from the true Islamic faith, says Jakim DG Othman Mustapha.

Bagaimana projek internet 1Bestari boleh gagal?

Internet kini sudah berada di Malaysia lebih 20 tahun, dan sebahagian hidup rakyat. Maka amat hairan projek yang bertujuan menyediakan internet boleh gagal.

1BestariNet a failure, says teachers’ union

NUTP President Kamarozaman Abd Razak says that in some schools teachers had to foot the bill for their own Internet connections.

PIBGN wants thorough investigation of 1BestariNet

Chairman says RM4.1 billion project by the Education Ministry may have failed because the wrong contractor was chosen to carry out the task.

BN tanggung akibat menteri tolak media sosial pada PRU 2008, kata...

Abdullah mendedahkan, Zainuddin Maidin merasakan sokongan media arus perdana lebih penting daripada media sosial.

BN paid dearly when Zam dismissed social media, says book

Former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi reveals in biography that his minister Zainuddin Maidin felt mainstream media support was more important than social media.

New ditty flooding Internet is amusing and annoying

With 44 million views and counting, the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song by DJ Piko-Taro is amusing countless, annoying many and leaving most speechless.

Internet bunuh muzik tempatan, kata Saari Amri

Ledakan teknologi menerusi lambakan laman web memberi kemudahan kepada orang ramai memuat turun karya pemuzik tempatan.

Kota Belud becomes a model for ICT services

Salleh says mobile phone coverage to be extended to 90% of inhabited areas by the end of the year.

Gila gajet di kalangan kanak-kanak pupuskan amalan baca buku

Masih belum terlambat untuk ibu bapa mengawal dan mengimbangi penggunaan teknologi canggih anak mereka.

Akan datang: Cukai ke atas perniagaan internet

Kerajaan sedang dalam proses menyusun struktur percukaian untuk perniagaan menerusi internet.

Najib’s official blog gets a facelift

More user-friendly, and now with live broadcasts of PM's activities and programmes.

Tenaga starts MyTNB website for customers

Pay bills, arrange for direct debit, apply for electricity supply and carry out other transactions.

Muhammadiyah desak kerajaan Indonesia sekat porno Internet

Pertubuhan Islam kedua terbesar di Indonesia itu mahu bahan lucah di Google dan YouTube disekat ekoran kejadian rogol dan keganasan seksual kanak-kanak.

Unicef: 50% of adolescents involved in risky online behaviour

Poll conducted by Unicef shows one in three Internet users is a child and it indicates just how real the risk of online abuse is for girls and boys.

Gang rape Internet video shocks Brazil

According to Brazilian media, a video posted on Wednesday showed a teenage girl who claimed she was raped by 30 of them in Rio de Janeiro, which hosts the Olympic Games in August.

Najib: As a leader, I cannot be daunted

Najib says the challenges he faces now are not as major as those during the time of his predecessors when they faced the May 13 troubles, financial crisis and Umno being declared illegal.

Remote Penan settlement gets latest tech for 4G and Internet

Salleh says government will look for cheap and effective new ways to provide phone and Internet to rural areas.

Jangan tertipu emel palsu LHDN

E-mel palsu itu mengehendaki pembayar cukai memasukkan maklumat perbankan mereka dan akan dipautkan dengan paparan laman web palsu perbankan pilihan mereka.

Maxis says sorry for ‘unfair treatment’

Telco offers customers higher Internet quota at no extra charge after admitting it “treated individual customers differently”.

Teachers won’t be allowed to upload school clips

This follows pictures of pupil, who claimed to have been bullied into cutting his tongue, being uploaded on social media.