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Tag: Internet

YouTube star Grant Thompson killed in paragliding accident

Rescuers have recovered paragliding equipment as well as a video recording device that may help shed some light on the crash.

Game on! Fiverr offers coaches for Fortnite, PUBG players

From as little as US$5, players can enrol on Fiverr to learn survival skills and how to choose the best landing spots and guns in their favourite battle royale game.

Gambar wanita Islam Indonesia salam Pope Francis tular di internet

Dewi Praswida yang juga seorang pelajar melawat Vatican City untuk mengambil bahagian dalam dialog antara agama.

Education ministry went back on internet tender offer, claims YTL

Telekom Malaysia, Celcom Axiata and Maxis replace YTL to provide internet services to schools.

Norwegian man sentenced to 16 years for abusing hundreds of boys

For several years the paedophile posed as a young girl online and used deception and threats to obtain sexual videos from some 460 boys, many under the age of 16. 

From Rio to Rome, a battle for selfie supremacy

For the average tourist, a selfie is a way to make memories.

French consumer group launches class action against Google

So far 200 people have joined the class action lawsuit against Google.

Aussie watchdog readies clampdown on Google, Facebook

The 328-page report focused particular attention on the huge impact Google and Facebook have had on Australia's news industry.

Adakah anak anda mangsa buli siber?

Kajian antarabangsa mendapati kira-kira 25% ibu bapa Malaysia percaya anak mereka merupakan mangsa buli siber.

How to know if your child is a cyberbully victim

Criminology expert says parents must know the warning signs because not every target of a bully will ask for help.

Instagram, PlayStation hit with outages

Instagram and PlayStation users had to contend with outages on their favourite platforms.

Netflix gets its game on at E3 with ‘Stranger Things’

The streaming television powerhouse is looking to expand its original shows into other media, like video games.

Facebook says CEO did not ignore personal data issues

Facebook denies Zuckerberg or any other Facebook employee knowingly violate the company's obligations under the FTC consent order nor do any emails exist that indicate they did.

Ubisoft plays into streaming trend at E3 video game event

Ubisoft is an early partner with Google while the tech giant was developing its own gaming streaming service Stadia.

‘Good Omens’: Amazon Prime bets big on the apocalypse

The show is the latest in a string of recent series to explore the relationships between humans and the afterlife.

Uber loses US$1 billion in quarter as costs grow for drivers, food...

Revenue of US$3.1 billion matches the high end of the range Uber forecast for the quarter and the loss of US$1 billion compared with the company's forecast of US$1 billion to US$1.11 billion.

Work with us for positive changes, Dr M urges Facebook

The prime minister wants the social media giant and other platform providers to continue collaborating with the government as well as law enforcement agencies.

Polis tahan lelaki belajar cara buat pil kuda daripada internet

Polis berkata, lelaki itu mempelajari cara menghasilkan pil yaba menerusi internet dan mampu menghasilkan 200 pil setiap hari sebelum menjual pada harga RM15 sebiji.

‘.Amazon’ gives e-commerce giant its own internet domain

Brazil is not in favour of the move saying its inseparable semantic relation to the Amazon forest, that domain should not be the monopoly of a company.

Amazon buys US rights for Cannes hit ‘Les Miserables’

Les Miserables follows the early life of a policeman whose friends introduce him to the nuances of this city on the outskirts of Paris.

New Zealand PM targets online hate after mosque attacks

Ardern says the Christchurch massacre underlined 'a horrifying new trend' in extremist broadcasting their atrocious actions.

Sukar bawa ekonomi tanpa tunai ke kawasan luar bandar, kata ahli...

Kerajaan boleh memulakan transaksi tanpa tunai di kawasan yang mempunyai ketersambungan penuh internet.

German police shut down major ‘darknet’ illegal trading site

The illicit 'Wall Street Market' site enables trade in cocaine, heroin, cannabis and amphetamines as well as stolen data, fake documents and malicious software.

Still trying to find who’s behind online insults of Agong

Inspector-General says account owner of the Facebook postings is not known, but says it's possible they might be foreigners.