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Tag: Internet

Still trying to find who’s behind online insults of Agong

Inspector-General says account owner of the Facebook postings is not known, but says it's possible they might be foreigners.

Gobind: Police must explain lack of action on Internet offences

Communications minister says 'if there are laws, we must be ready to use them' and the public kept informed.

Russian lawmakers approve new internet law

The bill must now be approved by parliament’s upper house and the presidency before passing into law.

Facebook and WhatsApp down for many worldwide

Services are restored by 9pm in Malaysia, after users report intermittent interruptions from 6.30pm.

Malaysia akan jadi antara negara terawal Asia terima rangkaian 5G

Putrajaya akan menjadi kawasan pertama cubaan 5G pada 18 April ini sebelum dibuka kepada umum bermula 20 April

Ibu bapa perlu lebih berperanan pantau anak tonton pornografi, kata aktivis

Ibu bapa perlu lebih mahir berkaitan internet bagi mendidik anak mereka bagaimana untuk melayarinya dengan selamat.

11 places raided over shared porn videos and SMS spam

Officers seize recordings of conversations, together with SIM cards, storage drives and laptop computers

How blogging is good for your mental health

By sharing mental health stories, people can collectively help the fight against stigma and misinformation.

Thousands protest Russia’s ‘internet isolation’

More than 15,000 people stood up against government pressure on internet censorship.

F1 tunes into Netflix to turn on younger audience

The documentary, 'Formula 1: Drive to survive', represents the latest move by the sport to become a heavyweight player on social media.

Bali shuts down for ‘Day of Silence’

Known locally as Nyepi, Hindus on the island are expected to stay at home for 24 hours and self-reflect.

Part 2: 20 super cool things you can do for free...

In this second instalment, there’s even more things you can do online from learning how to code and play an instrument to reading eBooks and it’s all for free.

30 years later, Berners-Lee sees mission to fix internet’s ills

Worldwide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee is committed to working on solutions to rampant problems plaguing the online world.

As the web turns 30, is it an ‘out-of-control monster’?

Thirty years after their creation of the World Wide Web, the team of inventors is now fighting to stop the corruption of their work.

Kaji Seksyen 233 Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia elak disalah guna, kata...

SKMM berkata, ia bertujuan memastikan sebarang anasir yang boleh menggugat kesejahteraan masyarakat dan negara dapat dikawal serta dibendung sepenuhnya.

Part 1: 20 super cool things you can do for free...

From learning new languages and taking notes to creating great designs and composing music, there's something for everyone online and it's all for free.

5G presents security challenge for telcos

5G will deliver not just faster phone and computer data but also help connect up cars, appliances, cargo and crop equipment.

Putin: Russia must build own internet in case of foreign disruption

The president's comments come days after Russian lawmakers backed tighter internet controls to defend against foreign meddling.

Streamyx prices should be slashed by half

Ironically, slower internet in Malaysia is far more expensive than faster internet.

Terragraph goes on trial at Penang’s World Heritage Site

George Town joins Mikebuda, Hungary, as the only two cities running on Facebook’s latest internet technology.

‘Diva’ dog left in car honks incessantly until owner emerges

Don't drag your feet if Jenny's waiting in the car - this diva dog doesn't take too kindly to those who take ages getting their errands done.

Tencent investment in Reddit sparks censorship worry

The popular social news website is known for ask-me-anything sessions.

15 recommended Android apps for downloading

Since almost every task these days can be done via our smartphones, here is a list of apps, most of which are available for free.

Facebook at 15: a titan with grown-up woes

Facebook has seen unprecedented success by amassing more than 2.3 billion people worldwide.