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ICC to join hands with Interpol to tackle corruption

Cricket has suffered a series of corruption cases in recent years.

China offering no proof against ex-Interpol chief, wife says

Meng Hongwei's wife, Grace Meng, says China has no evidence to justify his continued detention.

Wife of missing ex-Interpol chief says arrest in China politically motivated

The Communist Party's CCDI said Meng Hongwei was suspected of taking bribes and causing serious harm to the party's image and state interests.

China expels ex-Interpol chief Meng from Communist Party

Meng had used state assets to support his family's lavish lifestyle while abusing his position to get his wife employment, the watchdog added. 

Asian confederation joins FIFA in urging release of Bahraini player

Thailand's Foreign Ministry has previously said that the case was a matter for the courts to decide.

Wife of Chinese ex-Interpol chief seeks asylum in France

Grace's husband, Meng Hongwei, was the first Chinese head of the international police organisation Interpol.

Turkey prosecutor seeks Interpol red notice for NBA star Kanter

Earlier this month, Kanter refused to make the NBA team's trip to the UK over fears he might be murdered by Turkish spies.

Jho Low belum ditemui, kata polis selepas mesyuarat dengan China

Ketua polis negara berkata, usaha mengesan ahli perniagaan itu giat dijalankan.

Australia urges Thailand to release refugee Bahrain footballer

Hakeem AlAraibi was arrested in Thailand on Nov 27 based on an Interpol notice issued at Bahrain's request.

Interpol picks South Korean candidate as new president

The US-backed Kim Jong-yang, Interpol's acting president, was picked at a meeting of delegates from Interpol member nations in Dubai to replace Meng Hongwei, who went missing in his native China in September.

Wife of missing ex-Interpol chief Meng Hongwei hires lawyers to track...

French authorities have said that Meng's wife and their children are under police protection in Lyon after receiving threats.

Taiwan blames ‘arrogant’ China over Interpol snub

The government confirmed Friday that it had received official notification from Interpol that its request to attend the meeting as an observer had been denied.

Armed with new warrant, cops seek Interpol Red Notice against Jho...

IGP says the latest charge against the man said to be the main player in the 1MDB scandal is to enable a request for a Red Notice against Low and his father.

China says former Interpol chief accepted bribes

The former Chinese head of Interpol, who went missing last month, has been placed under investigation for accepting bribes.

Interpol chief Meng Hongwei under investigation, China says

Interpol, which groups 192 countries and is usually focused on finding people who are missing or wanted, is run on a day-to-day basis by its secretary-general.

Interpol asks China about disappearance of crime agency’s chief

Interpol has requested through official law enforcement channels clarification from China on Meng Hongwei's disappearance.

China tight-lipped on disappeared Interpol chief

News of his absence was swiftly followed by speculation that Meng had been swept up in Beijing's secretive anti-corruption campaign.

Chinese Interpol chief reported missing on home visit, say French police

Meng has almost 40 years’ experience in criminal justice and policing, and has overseen matters related to legal institutions, narcotics control and counter-terrorism, according to Interpol's website.

Jho Low baliklah ke Malaysia, gesa SPRM

Jho Low dan Nik Faisal sangat dikehendaki SPRM dan polis untuk membantu siasatan kes 1MDB.

Come home, MACC urges Jho Low

MACC and police need Jho Low and former SRC managing director Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil to facilitate investigations into 1MDB.

Sudan police save 85 minors from trafficking network

The victims, some of whom were as young as 10, were from several African countries including Chad, DR Congo, Eritrea and Niger.

Lawyers: Pressure mounts on Jho Low, dad after Interpol red notice

However, they said attempts to bring them to face trial could be frustrated if foreign nation concerned refuses to co-operate.

Thailand deports Mozambican fugitive in crime sweep

Interpol had issued a "red notice", or a non-binding arrest warrant, after Satar allegedly continued operating a ransom-kidnap business across Mozambique and South Africa from overseas.

Singapore says Hong Kong declined 2016 request to arrest Jho Low

The request for assistance was sent to the Hong Kong Department of Justice, says a police representative.