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Tag: interpretation

Why Muslims are failing in society

The absence of reasoning and inquiry has stagnated the minds of Muslims and frustrated their progress.

Court on why Mahathir has no case to disqualify 2 top...

Justice Azizah Nawawi says there is no written law that PM Najib Razak has the duty to advise the king to revoke the appointments of the chief justice and Court of Appeal president.

41 parents fail to become parties in ‘bin Abdullah’ case

Chief Justice Raus Sharif however allows them to become friends of the court in landmark case on whether Muslim children born out of wedlock can be given the surname of a person acknowledging himself as the father.

Federal Court to finally deliver ruling in Indira Gandhi’s case –...

The crux of the contentious issue is whether the consent of only one parent is required to make minor children Muslim.

Activist: Federal Court ruling on IGC Report opens can of worms

Saying it raises the question of whether the Federation of Malaya is masquerading as Malaysia, MA63 activist Zainnal Ajamain insists the Inter-Governmental Committee Report is part and parcel of the formation of Malaysia.

Fairuz’s interpretation of Islamic law ‘weird’, says law expert

Abdul Aziz Bari says contentions with far-reaching implications, like the former CJ’s stand that Islamic law takes precedence over civil legislations, can only be made through amendments by Parliament.