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Why you should start financial planning early

Savings alone used to be enough, but this is no longer so today. It’s all about staying ahead of inflation.

Five heirs from wealthy Asia families focus on pollution

Wealthy Asian family members contribute to philanthropic causes, environmental activism and investing.

6 reasons 2019 is still the best time to buy property

In 2019, view, compare, evaluate carefully then buy a good property and wait to cash in.

Start working on your passive income now

You have to plan and start investing now to kick start your passive income stream.

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire cash pile hits a record US$122 billion

The growing cash pile is a reflection of the strength of the operating businesses that Buffett has assembled under one roof.

Investing in one property motivates the purchase of the next

Owning one property highly motivates the purchase of another one.

How to price your property right

There’s no need to be worried about a buyer’s market if you price your property right.

Why the Overnight Policy Rate affects Malaysians’ pockets

How does a change in the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) affect your financial standing?

What really matters for investing success?

It takes more than picking the right stock for financial success

Can your property value plummet?

You can get into real financial trouble if your investments tank.

When best to ‘talk money’ with your kids

The most optimal age to teach kids about money is age seven as it sets the foundation for how they will perceive money as they grow up and throughout their lives.

Proud to still be working at 77? It largely depends on...

It's important to understand if you're working past retirement because you need the money or because you want to keep yourself active and busy.

If investing in stocks scares you, read on

Malaysia’s first digital wealth manager may just be the answer to those wanting to invest, but feeling a little too intimidated by the whole endeavour.

You can’t time the market

Successful long-term investing starts with an investment plan you can stick to so you invest systematically regardless of whether markets are up or down.

Buying property: Is it always a good debt or asset?

Read on for the three basic issues you must be aware of before you put your money down on a piece of property.

6 investing fallacies and biases to avoid

Whether they be fallacies, mistaken-beliefs, or myths, many investors are unknowingly influenced by biases that affect their investment decisions.

3 things I wish I’d known about money a long time...

Understand appreciation versus depreciation, the power of compounding, and the effect money has on your life.

When best to sell your shares

The worst time to liquidate your shares is when you are forced to sell, the sole reason why you must have enough emergency savings in place before investing.

Why do investors hate everything? Maybe paranoia, JPMorgan says

Investors now overreact to even modest changes late in cycles after not foreseeing the financial crisis.

Crowdfunding: A great alternative to traditional investing

Crowdfunding is about raising money from a large group of people and is now used by organisations and individuals alike.

Best small businesses to start in 2018

Besides e-commerce, online teaching and accounting, other attractive small businesses are fast food restaurants and digital marketing.

SoftBank is said to interview banks for wireless unit’s mega IPO

Billionaire founder Masayoshi Son is seeking to separate SoftBank’s activities into investing and telecommunications arms as it branches out into businesses ranging from ride-hailing to insurance.

How to exercise prudence when investing in property

While you may be eager to invest in property, make sure you are thorough with your research, picky about location and wary of the world economy.

A quick guide to what you can invest in with RM1,000

Before you invest, pick your risk profile – do you want to play it safe but get low returns, or play it risky and get high returns?