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Japan’s Inpex agrees on Framework for US$20 billion Indonesian LNG project

Japan’s Inpex agrees on a framework with Indonesia for the US$20 billion Abadi liquefied natural gas project, a key step toward reaching final investment for one of the world’s biggest export ventures.

Facebook gains, beating peers, after crypto

Facebook is progressing towards its cryptocurrency ambitions and big companies will invest about US$10 million to oversee the digital coin.

Should you invest now or later?

Investing early brings about a great many benefits due to ‘compounding power’.

Huawei to countries: Welcome us in and we’ll invest big time

Huawei promises big investment into tech infrastructure of countries that welcome the Chinese tech giants.

Australia to step up challenge to China in Pacific with new...

Australia’s prime minister says the country would offer cheap loans to other Pacific countries to cement its position in what he declares as 'our patch'.

Malaysia clever at playing US-China game, says don

'Well played, Dr Mahathir' says political scientist Lynette Ong about the prime minister's stance on the big power rivalry.

Revive Forest City project, says Asean chamber chief

Restructure the restrictions imposed on foreign buyers so that it can be controlled, says Moehamad Izat.

EPF buys UK Sports Direct complex for RM640 mil – report

On completion of the deal, Sports Direct will lease the property for 15 years, says the Sunday Times.

Trump urges greater Japanese investment in US

Trump tells a group of Japan’s top business executives that there is no better time to invest in the US.

Deutsche Bank investors meet amid questions on strategy, leadership

Major investors over the past week have called for Deutsche to scale back its sprawling global investment banking unit.

Taiping named 3rd most sustainable city in the world but…

While Taiping is an amazing city, it isn't right for property investment. It is however a great location for a retirement home.

Rich Asia investors face rising risk in leveraged bond funds

Wealthy investors in Asia are borrowing money to purchase funds that could load up on lower-rated bonds to prepare themselves if the market turns.

China unveils rules to rein in bad government investment behaviour

As China investigates misappropriation and dubious use of state funds, Beijing has listed a long set of rules on proper investment of government funds.

China’s Wanda pumps US$300 mil into giant football academy

The 23-pitch facility can accommodate 500 players and coaches in Dalian, a port city in the north-east.

China to invest US$3.4 Billion in Dubai for trading initiative

China is continuing its investment into the middle east.

Ford invests US$500 million in electric vehicle startup Rivian

Rivian, one of several startups following the model of Tesla on electric vehicles, has also received US$700 million led by Amazon earlier this year.

Khazanah confirms closing London office

Sovereign wealth fund boss says the move is part of cost savings.

4 key principles to financial freedom

Learn how to harness compounding returns, eliminate excessive broker fees and more.

Uber lands massive investment for self-driving unit

The funding allows Uber to transfer some of the substantial cost of developing self-driving cars onto outside investors.

Lebanon planning potential US$2 bln Eurobond issue

Lebanon is one of the world’s most indebted countries, its Its budget deficit in 2018 was among the highest in the Middle East.

5 crucial considerations when buying a small business

Aside from requiring a hefty investment, you must also consider whether or not that business is actually worth buying.

After drastic drop in FDI, Penang sets up special panel to...

Attributing the 86% drop in FDI last year to the cyclical nature of the electrical and electronics industry, Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow says a new investment council has been tasked with attracting investments.

Why is the savings rate in Malaysia on the decline?

Those who can somehow save and use their savings to invest to earn higher returns will likely be better off in the future.

5 tips on how to save for your home down payment

Do your research, practise cost-cutting and invest wisely to start building your down payment fund.