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Tag: iPhone

Failed component may cause older iPhones to not turn on

Apple is offering free repairs for users who are affected.

Google faces privacy case affecting 4 million iPhone users

UK lawsuit says Alphabet Inc unit gathered personal information by bypassing default privacy settings.

Apple slices EU as court battle over tax bill begins

Lawyer Daniel Beard claims tax demand delivered in 2016 "defies reality and common sense".

Apple’s new iPhones shift smartphone camera battleground to AI

Sophisticated artificial intelligence software and special chips play a major role in how a phone's photos look.

iPhone 11 mula dijual di Malaysia 27 September harga bermula RM3,399

Bagi iPhone 11 Pro dan Pro Max, Apple menampilkan tiga lensa yang terdiri daripada lensa lebar, ultra lebar serta telephoto.

Apple reveals triple-camera iPhone, undercuts streaming rivals

Apple is trying to win the streaming war by undercutting rivals Disney and Netflix with cheaper package at US$5.

Nantikan pelancaran iPhone 11 di Youtube buat julung kali 1 pagi...

Sebelum ini pelancaran semua keluaran terbaru iPhone hanya akan disiarkan melalui peranti iOS atau Mac dan kemudian melalui Twitter.

iPhone to share spotlight with services at Apple event

Services, subscriptions and online content will likely share the stage at Apple's annual presentation, as the company seeks to shift its focus away from hardware.

Trik iPhone yang mungkin anda tidak tahu!

iPhone mempunyai beberapa aplikasi yang mungkin ramai tidak tahu tentang bagaimana cara untuk menggunakannya.

Trump’s trade war with China will hit Apple this weekend

On Sunday, the levies will kick in for hundreds of products entering the US.

Apple says it supports 2.4 million US jobs

The iPhone maker says its direct workforce grew from 80,000 to 90,000 in the 2.5 years since its last US job estimate.

Apple, Goldman Sachs start issuing Apple Cards to consumers

Apple aims to draw in iPhone owners by offering a card with 2% cashback on purchases with the Apple Pay service, no fees, an app to manage related finances, and a focus on data privacy.

Apple forecasts strong revenue even as iPhones drop to under half...

Apple reports results as US and Chinese trade negotiators resume off-and-on talks.

Apple’s star designer Jony Ive to set up own firm

Ive will depart later this year to form an independent design company which will count Apple among its primary clients.

Malaysia may get a slice of Apple as it mulls China...

Nikkei Asian Review reports that the company has asked its major suppliers to assess the implications of such a move.

iPhone co-creator says he leaves China investment to the experts

Tony Fadell says his investment company Future Shape's pattern-matching mechanism does not work in China.

Mass production of iPhones to start in India, a shift from...

India to become the next hub for Apple's iPhone mass production.

Introducing the new FMT News app

The new app can be downloaded free from Google Play and App Store.

Top iPhone games: ‘Amaze!!!’, ‘Pick Me Up’, ‘Roller Splat’

2 very similar tile-painting games are tussling for supremacy in US, European, and other English-speaking App Stores worldwide.

Qualcomm scores US$31 million win in patent battle war with Apple

Patents at issue in the case involved 'flashless booting' that allows devices to connect quickly to the internet after being turned on and technology that lets smartphone apps move online data efficiently.

iPhones improve each year thanks to Japan’s Lasertec Corp

The Tokyo-based company has cornered the market by creating technology that can test EUV blanks for flaws.

Wow…Nokia tampil smartphone baru bukan 3 tapi 5 kamera

Demi mewujudkan persaingan sihat Nokia 9 PureView memberi kelebihan kepada penggemar smartphone yang menitikberatkan kamera

Blown away by innovation or price? Samsung’s foldable phone opens up...

The Galaxy Fold resembles a conventional smartphone, but opens like a book to reveal a 2nd display the size of a small tablet.

WhatsApp bug lets users bypass new privacy controls

The disclosure comes as messaging and other applications race to improve security and privacy.