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Tag: Ipoh Barat

Peguam: Kulasegaran hantar isyarat salah jumpa KPN isu Indra Gandhi

Bagaimanapun Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Barat itu berkata beliau mewakili Indra Gandhi sebagai pengundi bagi mendapatkan semula anak wanita tersebut.

DAP leader: Let’s bury BN in their free coffins

The offer of free coffins to the Indian community in Bagan Datuk, allegedly made by the deputy prime minister, was the main topic at a DAP ceramah in Ipoh.

Face me in Ipoh Barat, Kula dares Subra

DAP's four-term MP says it is only apt for the MIC president to face him in the constituency with the highest percentage of Indian voters.

Kula sedia cipta kemenangan besar di Ipoh Barat

Wakil rakyat DAP ini yakin pembangkang juga mampu mempertahankan kerusi DUN Buntong, Kepayang dan Bercham kerana sentimen yang positif dalam kalangan pengundi.

Kula looks set for another massive win in Ipoh Barat

The DAP MP is confident the opposition can also retain the state seats of Buntong, Kepayang and Bercham as, he says, sentiment on the ground is positive.

Kulasegaran to take on Gerakan president Mah in GE14?

The three-term Ipoh Barat MP is likely to be fielded in Teluk Intan as DAP wants to win back the constituency, say DAP sources.

DAP calls for automatic voter registration, lower voting age

Ipoh Barat MP Kulasegaran says lowering voting age to 18 and automatic registration best way to overcome apathy towards politics among youths.

‘Why no priority in pushing marriage and divorce reform bill?’

MP Kulasegaran calls on the prime minister to keep to his promise on seeing the crucial legislative amendment through and not to give in to 'ultras' who want it withdrawn.

MP recalls having to fight for blue IC

M Kula Segaran says he was initially given a red IC despite his father and grandparents being born here.

Kula calls for independent probe into detainee’s death

The public are entitled to ask why the detainee became unconscious and died in the lock up, says DAP lawmaker.