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Jabatan Perangkaan: Indeks Harga Pengeluar tempatan susut 1.5% Mei tahun ini

Pada asas bulan ke bulan, PPI pengeluaran tempatan meningkat 0.2% pada Mei.

Only IPP contracts awarded through direct negotiations reviewed

Minister Yeo Bee Yin says a lot of IPP contracts were awarded directly in 2017 and they didn't offer competitive rates.

Thanks to 1MDB, Petronas now enjoys huge reserves, says Najib

The former prime minister says the state investment arm took over many of the independent power producers and put a stop to lopsided agreements.

Kerajaan batal 4 projek IPP, jimat RM1.26 bilion

Pembatalan projek itu berikutan ketidakpatuhan terhadap syarat yang dikenakan dalam surat tawaran oleh pihak pemaju.

Jamaludin became wealthy on his own, says Najib

Former prime minister defends allegations that the former ambassador to the US became wealthy because of their relationship.

Johari: PH perlu pastikan IPP tak jatuh ke tangan asing

Bekas menteri kewangan kedua itu berkata, ini boleh dielakkan jika kontrak baru ditawarkan melalui bidaan terbuka.

Johari: PH must ensure IPPs don’t fall into foreign hands

The former BN minister says this can be avoided if new contracts are given through open bidding.

Menteri: Kerajaan batal 4 kontrak baru IPP

Tanpa menjelaskan butiran mengenai syarikat terbabit, Yeo berkata, satu daripada IPP berkenaan adalah syarikat senarai awam.

Proton too big to fail, says Najib

He says government will ensure Proton’s survival and 'will rescue whatever we have to rescue'.

Najib: Putrajaya learnt lessons from past mistakes

Prime Minister Najib Razak says some agreements made by government in the past were so lopsided, they became a burden to the people.

Allow 1MDB issue in Budget 2018 debate, Lim tells Najib

The DAP parliamentary leader says Prime Minister Najib Razak failed to address concerns surrounding 1Malaysia Development Bhd in his speech when tabling Budget 2018 yesterday.

Pua mocks Najib’s ‘1MDB on profit track’ claim

PJ Utara MP Tony Pua derides Prime Minister Najib Razak's 'fake news' but thanks latter for 'admitting BN's guilt' on issue of independent power producers.

Report: Edra IPO will test 1MDB stain

Listing may also help to smooth over misgivings about Chinese ownership of Malaysia’s second largest independent power producer.

Rahman Dahlan: Call to boycott Edra IPO ‘economic sabotage’

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department says Edra had in fact enabled 1MDB to drastically reform the nation's independent power plant (IPP) industry.

Archived: Harta negara akan dilelong selamatkan 1MDB – Rafizi

Penjualan Edra Energy membuktikan kerajaan rela menggadaikan keselamatan negara kepada syarikat asing demi menyelamatkan 1MDB.

Usul tergempar bincang penjualan IPP milik 1MDB

Rafizi Ramli akan memfailkan usul itu susulan dakwaan kerajaan membatalkan had ekuiti pegangan syarikat asing dalam sektor tenaga negara.

Archived: Sabah blackout: SESB passes buck, blames IPP

SESB said the shut down by the IPP of the four generators in 23 seconds prevented the power supplier from load shedding to balance the demand.

Archived: GST to toll hike, will hell break loose?

What options are available to the opposition to counter price hikes that have plagued the nation?

Archived: ‘Power hike a slap in the face for Sabah’

If TNB and SESB could not operate efficiently, then the government should end their monopoly and open the electricity sector to other players, says Jeffrey Kitingan.

Archived: Pakatan rep questions potential jump in TNB profit

If the power hike is meant to reduce government's subsidy burden, why is there an estimated spike in profits for TNB?

Archived: ‘Reduce high power reserve margin first’

Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming says the electricity tariff hike cannot be justified because a large percentage of the power reserve margin is going to waste.

‘Govt does not subsidise IPPs’

In his blogpost "The Truth about Subsidies", Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Idris Jala said that gas subsidies is only meant for consumers.

The big fuss over fuel hike

The writer uses satire to argue his case over the recent fuel price hike.

Why hit at consumers, why not IPPs?

In the 2012 Budget, Independent Power Producers were given RM8 billion subsidy, so why didn't the federal government touch them first.