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Pope wants to visit Iraq in 2020

The pope has already visited several Muslim countries, including Turkey in 2014, Azerbaijan in 2016 and Egypt in 2017.

Iraqi court sentences two French men to death for being IS...

This latest sentence brings the number of French citizens facing the death penalty in Iraq to nine.

US-led coalition says 1,300 civilians killed in air strikes on IS

The figure is far lower than the death tolls given by groups which have monitored the conflicts in the two countries.

Condemned French prisoner says he was forced to confess in Iraq

Human Rights Watch says the Frenchman claimed he was tortured in custody.

Storytelling, games make Iraq comeback on Ramadan nights

Ramadan nights is taken over by Arab storytellers realing audiences with fables as wll a local news and historical stories.

3 French IS members sentenced to death in Iraq

The trials have been criticised by rights groups, which say they often rely on evidence obtained through torture.

Iraqis turn to budding ecotourism to save marshes

Straddling Iraq's famous Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the Mesopotamian marshes are a rare aquatic ecosystem in a country nearly half of which is covered in cracked desert.

US lawmakers clash on Iran intelligence before briefing

General Joseph Dunford will head to the US Capitol to apprise lawmakers from both chambers on the latest developments, an official says.

Iraq oil minister calls Exxon Mobil’s evacuation of foreign staff ‘unacceptable’

The evacuation came just days after the United States withdrew non-essential staff from its embassy in Baghdad.

Exxon Mobil evacuates foreign staff from Iraqi oilfield

Production at the oilfield was not affected by the evacuation and work is continuing normally, overseen by Iraqi engineers, Iraqi oil officials said.

US pulls staff from Iraq, says Iran gave ‘blessing’ for tanker...

US staff from the American embassy in Baghdad and Iraq were evacuated following concerns of perceived threats from Iran.

Washington orders some US government employees to leave Iraq

The US State Department ordered non-emergency government employees on Wednesday to depart Iraq as soon as possible.

In Iraq, academics restock Mosul’s barren bookshelves

'Everything is reversed today. Mosul used to be the hub for students and researchers from all across Iraq and the Arab world,' Mahmud says.

In Iraq, religious rap meets a chorus of controversy

In parts of conservative Iraq, a religious movement has adapted the traditional 'latmiyat' to Western-style rap in an effort to keep youth interested in religion.

More than 500 foreign IS members convicted in Iraq

Some '514' verdicts have been delivered to those found guilty of joining the Islamic State (IS) by Iraq's Supreme Court. 

Setiausaha Negara AS lawat Baghdad secara mengejut

Ketegangan memuncak di rantau itu, selepas Donald Trump memutuskan untuk menamatkan pengecualian sekatan terhadap negara yang mengimport minyak dari Iran.

PM Iraq mahu isu tertangguh dengan Turki diselesai

Menteri luar Turki mahu kerjasama dalam menghadapi pengganas dan menyatakan kesediaan negaranya menyediakan bekalan elektrik kepada Iraq.

Iraq ‘ready’ to boost crude exports after Iran waivers end

Iraq, Opec's second-largest producer, has the capacity to increase its crude oil exports.

Arab Saudi, Iraq jalin kerjasama keselamatan, perisikan

Persetujuan itu diumumkan menteri luar negeri Iraq dalam kunjungan delegasi negara itu ke Arab Saudi hari ini.

Iraq PM met Saudi crown prince in Riyadh

Abdul Mahdi's meeting with the crown prince came after he met King Salman on Wednesday.

Torture continues in in Iraq jail

HRW says the accused are often detained on lofty or circumstantial evidence.

Iraq unearths mass grave of Kurds killed by Saddam

They were among up to 180,000 people who may have been killed in the late 1980s when chemical gas was used.

Iraq finally pumping enough oil to flex muscles in Opec

Iraq was exempted from Opec production quotas for almost two decades, a concession granted because the country had been mired in conflict since 1980.

Iran leader says Iraq should demand withdrawal of US troops

Iran has close but complicated ties with Iraq, with significant influence among its Shiite political groups.