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Come and see us, taxman tells actress Diana Danielle

Inland Revenue responds to artiste's outburst about being blacklisted despite being owed RM100,000 in refunds.

IRB extends voluntary disclosure programme

So far, 382,000 have taken advantage of the lower 10% fine to make voluntary disclosure of their undeclared income.

IRB denies news report that its office was raided

It says the presence of MACC officers was to get IRB's assistance to complete its investigations.

Government raises tax collection target to RM150 billion for 2019

This is more than the RM147 billion set out in the 2019 budget.

Jangan bimbang, kami percaya, LHDN beritahu pembayar cukai pengakuan sukarela

CEO Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri berkata pembayar cukai perlu percaya pada sistem cukai dan menerima tawaran Program Khas Pengakuan Sukarela (PKPS).

We believe you, LHDN boss tells taxpayers taking up disclosure programme

Internal Revenue Board CEO says taxpayers need to put their trust in the tax system and take up the offer under the Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme.

Declare income, IRB tells those with overseas bank accounts

The Inland Revenue Board says it is receiving information on ownership of such bank accounts.

Sabah IRB collects RM10 mil under voluntary declaration programme

IRB director says these errant taxpayers can come to IRB to declare their past dues without prejudice to them.

All is safe if you come see us, IRB tells non-compliant...

A lower penalty offer to those who have not fully disclosed their income ends on June 30 next year.

A-G’s Report: IRB gave subsidiary RM100mil loan without contract

The 2017 Auditor-General's Report also reveals Electricity Industry Fund invested RM2.37 billion in a fixed deposit without the Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister's approval.

Carpet businessman sues Najib, Rosmah over tax arrears

Deepak Jaikishan also names Baling MP Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim as a defendant.

Tax refunds: LHDN says individuals first, others must wait

Inland Revenue Board CEO Sabin Samitah says refunds for other categories of taxpayers cannot be made due to lack of funds.

LHDN should explain RM16 billion outstanding tax refunds, says Johari

The former second finance minister says this is an operational matter between LHDN and the Treasury.

IRB: RM2.6 bil received by Najib now subject to further examination

It says this is in light of new disclosures by MACC chief Shukri Abdull and ongoing investigations pertaining to all issues related to 1MDB.

Mahathir: Certain businessmen, individuals forced to pay extra tax

He says this was done by the previous government and he would try to retrieve the money but needed more information from victims.

Vida ordered to settle RM4.6 mil tax dues before May 21

Counsel for the cosmetics millionaire says the amount will be paid within the stipulated period.

IRB slaps SP Setia with second tax bill in 4 months

The property developer was served notices for an additional income tax of RM22.44 million and a penalty of RM10.1 million.

Johari: IRB doesn’t tax based on ‘perceived wealth’

Second finance minister says there are no records that Jho Low and Reza Aziz have income derived from Malaysia in recent years.

PAC: Raise individual tax arrears limit to RM10,000

PAC chairman Hasan Ariffin says the current limit of RM2,000 is not suitable to present economic conditions.

Tax reduction to benefit about 260,000 taxpayers

IRB deputy chief says recent move by government will help single individuals who earn below RM3,100 per month.

IRB to use ‘star power’ to urge Malaysians to pay taxes

In its Facebook page, it says it will hold 'meet and greet' sessions with artistes Fizz Fairuz, Remy Ishak, Elizabeth Tan and Ippo Hafiz.

Income tax officers to conduct fewer raids this year

IRB says while it will cut down on field audits, its battle against tax evaders will continue with increased desk audits.

Tax dept slaps RM96m bill, including fines, on Aeon Credit

Aeon Credit files report with Bursa Malaysia on notices from IRB, saying it will challenge the demand for unpaid tax and penalties for the past 7 years.

Director fined RM49,500 for non-payment of staff’s tax deductions

Roger Gumbrell convicted of 33 counts of failing to pay to the IRB the sum deducted from his employees’ salary without valid reason.