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Going vegan the smart and healthy way

Vegans must ensure they are getting adequate amounts of Omega-3s, calcium and iron in their plant-based diet.

Drink a beer, save a pup at the Iron Furries fundraiser

KL's biggest and hippest bar The Iron Fairies and independent rescuers Voice for Paws come together for a fundraiser.

Myth and mayhem reign supreme at The Iron Fairies KL

Step into a world of mythical fairies and butterflies in a surreal hideaway where enjoying music, food and signature cocktails are the order of the day.

The Iron Fairies: KL’s most expensive bar has flown in

Kuala Lumpur joins Bangkok, Tokyo and Hong Kong in bringing Ashley Sutton’s fantasy to life in the heart of the city.

Blacksmith strikes wife with clothes iron over delay in mixing drink

Police say man tested positive for morphine and had previous convictions for drug abuse.

Global warming may have ‘devastating’ effects on rice, study says

An increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide has been reducing the amount of iron, zinc, protein, and vitamins present in rice.