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Tag: IS

First Singaporean convicted of terror financing gets 2.5-year jail term

Man sentenced for sending money to Jamaica-based Islamist preacher.

Saya tidak lahir pengganas, Zakir Naik jawab dakwaan NIA

Zakir Naik mendakwa NIA membuat 'kenyataan semberono' mengenainya tanpa sebarang bukti atau keterangan walaupun menghabiskan masa bertahun-tahun menyiasatinya.

I never created terrorists, Zakir Naik tells India’s NIA

The controversial preacher says merely following someone on social media does not make terrorists.

Turkey’s Erdogan ‘ensures’ IS fighters will not leave Syria

President claims failure of Western countries had instead stemmed influx of terrorists.

Trump withdraws 1,000 US troops from northern Syria 

Trump has been accused of abandoning a loyal ally in the fight against IS after ordering the troops withdrawal.

France ‘worried’ after hundreds of IS relatives escape Syrian camp

Turkish bombardment causes nearly 800 to flee displaced people's camp.

Syria Forces: Turkey’s invasion has revived IS

Syrian democratic forces continue to cooperate with US-led coalition against the Islamic State.

Asri welcomes arrests of DAP men over alleged links to LTTE

The Perlis mufti says if IS sympathisers can be arrested, so too should those who support the Sri Lankan rebel group.

74 ditahan, polis patah 25 serangan pengganas sejak 2013

Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay berkata, antara rancangan serangan terbesar ialah pengganas IS Wolf Pack ke atas Kuil Sri Maha Mariaman di Subang Jaya.

PM Thai kata IS tiada hubungan di Thailand selepas pelajar ditangkap

Prayuth Chan-ocha mengarahkan agensi kerajaannya memberi bantuan kepada seorang pelajar Thai yang ditangkap pihak berkuasa Mesir.

Polis tahan 16 termasuk IS, rancang serang ahli politik Malaysia

Suspek yang ditahan juga aktif menyebarkan fahaman Salafi Jihadi dan IS, termasuk merancang melakukan serangan di Malaysia dan Indonesia.

Sabah district used as transit point for IS militants, say cops

Three suspects arrested in Keningau for facilitating movements and recruiting militants are among 16 people nabbed by the police counter-terrorism unit since July.

Minister confirms Canada will not repatriate ‘Jihadi Jack’

Canada’s public safety minister says Jack Letts need to assume the consequences of his actions.

US Secretary of State Pompeo says ISIS strong in some areas

In Geneva, a senior Chinese official warns that there was a danger of Islamic State militants re-emerging in Syria.

UK strips citizenship of ‘Jihadi Jack’

The move to strip Jack Letts of his UK citizenship has prompted a diplomatic row with Canada.

Chechnya sends ex-IS women into schools, not jails

While some countries have stripped IS recruits of citizenship or banned them from coming back, Chechnya is actively repatriating women and children.

US believes Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza is dead

Asked if he had intelligence that bin Laden's son had been killed, US President Donald Trump tells reporters, 'I don't want to comment on it.'

Singapore detains 2 men accused of seeking to join IS

The island nation's leaders warn that it is a prime target for an attack due to its status as a regional financial centre.

Families of Islamic State fighters to sue Australia over repatriation

The fate of foreign fighters and their families has become a significant problem for governments as the conflict against IS draws to a close.

UAE jails Filipino for 10 years for joining Islamic State

UAE newspapers The National and Gulf News both report that the man was a domestic worker.

Lelaki bakar masjid Syiah di Australia dipenjara 22 tahun

Juri memutuskan jenayah itu berdasarkan versi pelampau Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah yang diilhamkan kumpulan IS.

Mayor of Mogadishu, others hurt in Somalia suicide blast

Somalia has been riven with conflict since 1991, when clan warlords overthrew a dictator, then turned on each other.

No IS link to Sri Lanka Easter attacks, says investigator

'They followed the IS ideology, but our investigations have not shown any link between them,' says Sri Lanka's head of the Criminals Investigation Department.

Islamist militants kidnap at least one NGO worker in Nigeria, sources...

The abduction comes 9 months after Islamic State's West Africa branch executed a Red Cross aid worker in March 2018.