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39 Malaysians detained in Syria want to come home

The principal assistant director of Bukit Aman’s Special Branch Counter Terrorism Division says Putrajaya will make the decision as bringing them home involves policies.

Indonesia arrests dozens of terror suspects ahead of poll results

Some 29 suspects were rounded up this month alone, with 60 in all detained since the start of the year.

Cops nab another 3 linked to planned terror attack on temples,...

Two of the suspects are Malaysians who are believed to have been trained in bomb-making in Indonesia, says IGP.

Polis berkas 3 suspek, disyaki rancang serang Malaysia, Indonesia

2 rakyat tempatan dan 1 warga Indonesia ditangkap dalam operasi susulan selepas tangkapan 4 suspek kumpulan IS baru-baru ini.

Suspected jihadists back in dock over murder of two Scandinavian women

According to the charge sheet, the assailants travel to the High Atlas mountains on December 12 on a mission to kill tourists.

Cops deny terror cell members in Sibu or Bintulu

Police urge people not to believe WhatsApp messages on suicide attacks planned in the two divisions.

Polis nafi rancangan serangan IS di Bintulu

Ketua polis Bintulu berkata keadaan keselamatan secara keseluruhannya terkawal.

In north Syria, the arts return to former jihadist bastion

After almost four years under IS, which banned music and the arts, US-backed forces expelled the last IS fighters from Raqa in October 2017.

Bangladesh arrests suspected IS militant back from Syria

A 33 year-old man who joined IS in Syria after he travelled to the war-torn country from Saudi Arabia, has been arrested by the police in Bangladesh.

IS dakwa bunuh 10 askar di timur laut Nigeria

Beberapa sumber mengesahkan militan IS menyerang pekan Magumeri, mengalahkan anggota-anggota askar dan menyerbu kedai-kedai.

The macabre puzzle of piecing together victims at Sri Lanka morgue

The fragments are a sombre reflection of the brutal force of the bomb attacks claimed by the IS.

Sri Lanka blasts show Asia is fertile ground for IS ideology

Poverty is often the driving force for increased militancy in other parts of Asia.

IS airs video purporting to be leader al-Baghdadi

The video is the first from Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi since he was filmed in the Iraqi city of Mosul in 2014.

Sri Lankan police looking for 140 with IS links

Sri Lankan youths are believed to have been involved with the extremist group since 2013.

Amnesty, monitors say US-led coalition killed 1,600 civilians in Raqqa

Amnesty International and Airwars called for coalition members to create a fund to compensate victims and their families.

Tawau, Sandakan new transit points for IS militants

They use these two seaside towns to enter the southern Philippines and Rakhine, in Myanmar, says IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun.

Mat Sabu gesa dunia bentuk rangkaian siber lawan ‘khalifah maya’

Sekarang siapa sahaja dan di mana sahaja boleh melancarkan serangan dengan bersenjatakan telefon pintar dan internet, kata Mohamad Sabu.

The wealthy family behind Sri Lanka’s suicide attacks

Two brothers have emerged as key players in suicide attacks on Easter Sunday.

Taliban, IS rebut kawasan, bertempur di timur Afghanistan

Pertempuran tercetus di wilayah Nangarhar apabila militan IS menyerang perkampungan bawah kawalan Taliban.

IS video throws spotlight on suspected ringleader of Sri Lanka bombings

Mohamad Zahran was well-known for his militant views, according to Muslim leaders and a Sri Lankan intelligence report.

US believes there is ongoing terrorist plot in Sri Lanka

The US ambassador Alaina Teplitz says they had no prior knowledge of the Easter bomb attacks.

IS akui lancar letupan di Sri Lanka

Kumpulan pengganas itu bagaimanapun tidak memberi sebarang bukti terhadap pengakuan itu.

IS claims responsibility for Sri Lanka bombings

The group did not give evidence for its claim.

Australia open to return of IS fighter’s orphaned children

The fate of foreign fighters and their families has become a significant problem for governments as the conflict against IS draws to a close.