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‘Backdoor channels possible to confirm detention of Malaysian IS woman’

An expert says dialogue with Iraqi government is more important for Malaysia than it is for Kurdish rebels because Iraq is a sovereign state.

Malaysian woman among those detained by Kurdish rebels

Human Rights Watch says most of the women were detained along with their children.

Rela members to take short course before Esszone duty

Esscom and other agencies such as the Special Branch will expose them to what they can and should do to assist the security authorities.

Esscom’s psy-ops paying off against piracy, militancy

Esscom commander DCP Hazani Ghazali urges public to 'stick their noses in other people’s business' in safety and security matters.

Esscom’s planned Ligitan security post to be beefed up

Ligitan island, farthest Malaysian territory bordering Philippines, Indonesia, used by militant Amin Baco as entry point to Sabah, says EssCom chief.

Terrorism expert: M’sians among members of new pact in Philippines

Radical volunteers from Malaysia, Indonesia and other Muslim countries are helping the new pact comprising pro-IS groups and communists, says Filipino expert.

Philippines checking report of militants grouping in central Maguidanao

The group of 120 militants is believed to include Malaysians and Indonesians.

‘Amin Baco could be in Basilan, may recruit more Malaysians’

Former hostage says if Amin's teenage son is still alive and hiding in Basilan, chances are that the militant is there as well.

Malaysian likely leader for regional IS

Revelation by Malaysian police that the Sabahan Amin Baco is Isnilon’s son-in-law makes him the stronger candidate as new IS emir for the region.

Sabah security forces to launch sea, road checkpoints against militants

The security system aims to stop the smuggling of firearms and other transborder criminal elements into the state.

Asean nations must brace themselves for small-scale IS attacks

Pawel Wojcik, an analyst on terrorism issues says the use of such warfare is not a recent development as it has been favoured by the Islamic State for a long time.

Expert: Malaysians among members of IS channel created by arsonist

The Telegram channel was developed by one of two IS supporters who were shot dead after setting a police station in Indonesia on fire.

Analyst: As caliphate plans fail, Malaysian IS fighters set to return

Security analyst with think tank says foreign fighters in Syria, Iraq may also go to other conflict zones.

Is Sabahan Amin Baco new IS regional emir?

The militant is reported by Philippine police to be still alive but the military thinks he is dead.

Sabahan Amin Baco said to be new IS emir for Southeast...

His whereabouts are unknown but he could be among dozens of militants, a captured Indonesian militant said are still hiding in Marawi.

Unknown Malaysians may be among 39 straggling militants in Marawi

These Malaysians are believed to remain holed up in the city along with some Indonesians and local militants.

Malaysian terrorists had bigger role to play in Marawi than in...

The East Asian/Philippine branch of IS was also ‘deadliest’ outside Iraq and Syria, says a terrorism research consortium.

IGP confirms Sabahan militant took teenage son to Marawi

Police go to militant’s house only to find teenage boy missing.

IGP: No terror threat to Prince Charles’ visit at present

Inspector General of Police says they will constantly monitor the situation, following the screening of a video where an Islamic State militant issued a challenge to Prince Charles’ son, Prince Harry.

Police to probe links of Filipino doctor suspected of financing Movida...

The Filipino doctor implicated in the foiled Islamic State-inspired attacks on New York City is believed to have funded the grenade bombing of the Movida nightclub in Puchong, Selangor.

Islamic State: Defeating the virtual caliphate

One theory is that IS is seeking to keep up publicity efforts to maintain relevance with its sympathisers and continue to recruit support, even as it faces military defeat on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

Malaysian authorities to question Indonesians rescued from Abu Sayyaf in Jolo

EssCom and police Special Branch want information from the two Indonesian fishermen kidnapped from a Malaysian-registered boat in Sabah’s east coast waters last November.

Esscom: Militant Abdullah Maute’s death in Marawi unconfirmed

Wanted by Malaysian security, Abdullah Maute, who had led attacks on Philippine city, was reported to have been killed in an airstrike last month.

In name at least, ISIL is defeated

'ISIS is the term that Joe Q. Public understands what it means and is what they use, so we are using that term.'