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Tag: Islam

Talk to Rulers about uniform shariah law, says ex-MP

Tawfik Ismail voices his fear that talks on the uniform code might become a back door for harsher penalties such as those proposed with RUU335.

Mecca Clock turns into tourist draw

The Clock Tower Museum is filled with models and structures on astronomy and galaxies, as Saudi authorities aim to lure more Muslim tourists to the country.

Pasukan ragbi Crusaders akan mengekalkan nama sehingga 2021

Pasukan ragbi Crusaders akan membuang imej pahlawan berkuda dan pedang pada logo mereka akhir tahun kerana ia menunjukkan permusuhan Kristian dan Islam.

Transgender sukar temui maaf keluarga hatta pada Hari Raya

Balik kampung merupakan tradisi penting bagi ramai orang. Tidak dibenarkan 'balik kampung' merupakan pengalaman yang menyukarkan.

Sermons in the Temiar language at Kelantan mosque

The imam, Arif Rami, himself a Temiar Orang Asli, leads the prayers at Al-Hidayah Mosque in Pos Hendrop.

Indonesian cities empty out as millions leave to mark end of...

Some 15 million people are expected to clear out of Jakarta.

What about intra-faith iftar? Academic questions Jais’ snub of non-Sunnis

Syed Farid Alatas says there is an ignorance among Muslims about the diversity of Islam.

Muslims seek voice in changing Uzbekistan

Uzbek Muslim student has been discriminated because of her religion and expelled from a university in the capital Tashkent.

Perak mosque and surau heads suspended for allowing political events

Sultan Nazrin orders that their duties be handed over to the district Islamic administration officer while investigations are carried out.

Europe’s first eco-mosque invokes God to fight climate change

As one of the fastest growing faiths in the world, Islam could be a powerful force if Muslims were stirred to environmental action, climate activists say.

Imam, paderi disatukan dalam majlis buka puasa NGO

Program itu yang dihadiri 50 paderi dan pemimpin agama Kristian bersama lebih 30 imam serta wakil jabatan agama untuk mengikis sentimen perkauman dan agama antara rakyat berbilang kaum.

Austrian MPs approve headscarf ban in primary schools

Opposition MPs almost all voted against the measure, with some accusing the government of focusing on garnering positive headlines rather than child welfare.

Mengenang dakwah ditinggalkan Nik Aziz

Tatkala pemimpin lain mengejar kekayaan dan pangkat, Nik Aziz merebut-rebut untuk bersedekah dan mendidik seramai manusia yang boleh untuk kembali ke pangkal jalan.

The very public spat between 2 good men

The PH government and good men like Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin should focus on how best to deal with the real troublemakers within the communities.

Cutting through the Malay noise

Malays are in control of the country and their own destiny, but are now pitted against each other. Malays should use their political dominance wisely and not be used by unscrupulous politicians.

Islam dipandang jijik kerana pemimpin tiada integriti, kata menteri

Khalid Abdul Samad berkata, orang bukan Islam muak dan jijik dengan Islam kerana ada di kalangan umatnya yang tidak beramanah, bersikap perkauman serta menyebarkan kebencian.

Germany debates ‘mosque tax’ to replace foreign funding

The federal government sees it as 'a possible path', according to an answer to a parliamentary query, the Welt am Sonntag newspaper reported.

Sri Lanka town under curfew after anti-Muslim attacks

The violence erupted in Chilaw, a Catholic-majority town, after a resident misunderstood a Facebook post as a threat against Christians.

Muslim refugees now feel safer in non-Muslim countries, says Dr M

The prime minister says this is not because of Islam as a religion but because some Muslims push aside the teachings of Islam.

MyKad will tell if Ahmadiah followers are Muslim, court told

Selangor religious authorities are appealing against a High Court decision to stop investigations into a group of Ahmadiah followers.

For Islam or politics, Dr M asks on weekend rally

The prime minister asks if the real objective of the gathering was to get support for certain political parties.

This humble ‘Malay man’ has raised the image of Islam

It is little acts of kindness that help us appreciate each other’s humanity and faiths, not the strident cries of the wilfully blind.

Mustafa Akyol puts banned book online for free

The Turkish academic says free download of the Malay edition will allow Malaysians to make up their own minds.

DAP akan adakan dialog dengan mufti Perlis

Asri sebelum ini mendakwa media salah lapor kenyataan beliau mengenai DAP dan Islam.