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Saved from Pakistani mob, downed Indian pilot becomes face of Kashmir...

The pilot and the Indian Air Force (IAF) is at the heart of the crisis between two countries who have conducted air strikes on each other's territory in the last two days.

Pakistan bans groups linked to Mumbai attack suspects

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered officials to accelerate action against the banned groups.

Road trip from Islamabad to UK

Below is a day-to-day account of a road trip by car - a humble 1966 model Vauxhall Viva SL - that begins in Islamabad, goes to Pakistan, and then to the UK.

US to meet Taliban in Islamabad

The talks will come a week ahead of previously scheduled negotiations between the 2 sides in Qatar on Feb 25.

Penasihat AS mengenai Afghanistan berbincang dengan Pakistan

Pelantikan Khalilzad bulan lepas, memperlihatkan usaha terbaru pentadbiran AS meyakinkan pemimpin Taliban supaya ikut serta dalam proses damai Afghanistan.

Pakistan says it will seek IMF bailout as reserves dwindle

The government is seeking to curb spending, while the central bank has raised interest rates to the highest in three years to help shore up confidence in the economy.

US will not block Islamabad if it seeks IMF bailout, says...

Islamabad denies aiding insurgents in Afghanistan and lashed out against Trump's remarks, which were followed up by Washington suspending US military aid.

Pentagon moves to scrap US$300 million in aid to Pakistan

US officials accuse Pakistani officials of ignoring or even collaborating with groups that launch operations into Afghanistan from safe havens along the countries' border.

Pakistan votes after bitter campaign marred by violence

ISLAMABAD: Polls opened Wednesday in a tense, unpredictable Pakistani election that could be former World Cup cricketer Imran Khan's best shot at power, after...

Ousted Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif returning ahead of July 25 general...

Authorities lock down Lahore city, plan to arrest Sharif at the airport.

Pakistan PM inaugurates long-delayed new airport in capital Islamabad

Islamabad International Airport will replace Benazir Bhutto International Airport as the main airport of Islamabad.

Pakistan’s long-delayed new airport to open on May 3, official says

Islamabad International Airport will replace Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

Pakistan summons US ambassador over traffic death

A second person had been injured in the accident at traffic lights in Islamabad on Saturday evening, involving two men on a motorcycle and the embassy sports utility vehicle.

Poisonous and running out: Pakistan’s water crisis

More than two-thirds of households drink bacterially contaminated water and every year, thousands of Pakistani children die of diarrhoea after drinking it.