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Tag: isolation

Dutch police arrest second suspect in case of family held in...

The man, a 67-year-old, is one of 6 people discovered in Buitenhuizenweg farm house.

Qatar: Seeking ways out of isolation

Qatar says its Gulf neighbours want to put it under their 'guardianship' and strangle it economically.

Thousands protest Russia’s ‘internet isolation’

More than 15,000 people stood up against government pressure on internet censorship.

India fears Olympic isolation over Pakistan visa row

India wants to bid for the 2026 Youth Olympics, the 2030 Asian Games and the 2032 Olympics as it seeks a higher profile to match its growing economic clout.

20 years on, Kazakhs struggle to warm to chilly new capital

Despite a pantheon of lavish, futuristic architecture, many people who were forced to move to Astana for work or family reasons find the city an uncomfortable fit.

Dance bars, mobile phones, and Chelsea jerseys: the changing face of...

After years of isolation, Bhutan is beginning to embrace modernization.

From Myanmar to Zimbabwe, China’s global footprint grows

China's increasing global economic reach has been leading it to take on a more active role in world politics.

St. Helena: the island that time forgot

Residents of the isolated island of St. Helena have had to adapt to the challenges thrown at them by their homeland's location.

US’ Tillerson to press Malaysia on isolating North Korea

US secretary of state is scheduled to visit the region next week to push for downgrading of diplomatic engagements and exchanges with North Korea.