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Tag: Israel

Saudi, Palestine draw in landmark West Bank game

8,000 tickets for game were given away for free.

Saudi fans delight in West Bank game, shrug off geopolitics

Some are hopeful sport can bring peace to the region.

Menteri Israel, bekas anggota Knesset serbu kompleks Al-Aqsa

Kenyataan Majlis Wakaf Islam di Baitulmaqdis berkata lebih 230 pelampau Yahudi menyerbu Al-Aqsa hari ini dengan diiringi polis Israel.

Netflix biopic ‘raises blood pressure’ of Israeli spy’s widow  

Nadia Cohen feels ‘The Spy’ over-dramatises story of executed husband.

Israeli minister seeks ‘non-aggression’ pacts with Gulf Arab nations

Only two Arab countries – Jordan and Egypt – have peace treaties with Israel.

Saudi football team to play Palestine in West Bank

The decision is aimed at ensuring the Palestinian team is not deprived of the chance to play at home.

Hypocrisy and hyperbole at the UN

World leaders, including Malaysia's prime minister, were selective in their criticisms of nation-states at the recent UN General Assembly.

Netanyahu to meet centrist rivals, hopes for unity government

Should Netanyahu fail to clinch a deal, Gantz may be tasked with forming a government.

Rusia dakwa AS cabul ketetapan PBB dalam isu nuklear Iran, Palestin,...

Pada Mei 2018, Donald Trump menarik diri daripada perjanjian antara kuasa nuklear dunia dengan Iran.

Enmity towards Muslims, Islam stems from Israel’s creation, says Dr M

The prime minister says Muslims are accused of terrorism 'even if they did nothing'.

Permusuhan terhadap Islam, umat Islam bermula dengan penciptaan Israel, kata Dr...

Menurut Dr Mahathir negara Islam mengalami ketidakstabilan melalui kempen untuk mengubah demokrasi dan pertukaran rejim.

All deals are off if Israel annexes territory, warns Palestine’s president

Mahmud Abbas says Palestine has a right to defend its rights by all possible means.

Netanyahu asks for live pre-trial hearing so public can hear ‘my...

Fifth term in office can confer Israel PM legal immunity in long-running cases.

Netanyahu tasked with forming new Israeli government

Benjamin Netanyahu says he will do everything in his power to establish a unity government with joint leadership.

Palestine accuse Israel of underhand tactics after power cuts

Palestinian Authority says it has repaid nearly US$100 million in debts in two months.

Parti Arab Israel sokong blok Gantz bentuk kerajaan baru

Pemimpin parti Joint List Ayman Odeh berkata mereka mahu mengakhiri era Netanyahu dan mengesyorkan Benny Gantz menjadi pemimpin kerajaan akan datang.

Israel’s Lieberman says not backing Netanyahu or Gantz for PM

Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beitenu party won eight seats in the 120-seat parliament, could play a role in determining who becomes Israel’s PM.

Israel’s Arabs could lead parliamentary opposition

Joint List could become Israel's largest opposition party if a unity government is formed.

Netanyahu ‘played’ Trump with misinformation, says Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson says when in discussion with Benjamin Netanyahu, it’s always good to apply scepticism.

Netanyahu, Gantz in standoff over Israeli unity government

Benny Gantz made clear that he would have to be prime minister of a unity government.

Let’s govern together, Netanyahu tells rival Gantz

Election results show both have no obvious path to a majority coalition.

Pengundi Israel gagal beri undi muktamad, kepimpinan Netanyahu goyah

Blok Likud diihat bakal menguasai 55 peratus daripada 120 kerusi di Parlimen, dengan 56 kerusi dikuasai gabungan garis tengah-kiri.

Iran suspended from international judo over Israel boycott policy

Its judo federation is accused of discriminating against Israeli athletes and breaking rules over manipulating competition results.

Netanyahu mum on election results, says Israel needs ‘strong’ government

Exit polls from Tuesday's vote showed tight race with ex-military chief Benny Gantz.