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Hamas, Israel setuju gencatan senjata 6 bulan

Hamas antara lain bersetuju menghentikan pertempuran dengan tentera Israel berhampiran zon penampan Gaza-Israel.

Why US is targeting Iran

US targeting of Iran is a grave travesty of justice as the UN’s nuclear inspection agency has reiterated that Iran has complied with the nuclear deal.

Facebook removes 265 ‘fake accounts’ linked to Israel

Facebook removed 265 'inauthentic' Facebook and Instagram accounts linked to Israel targeting users in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Iran vows to defeat ‘American-Zionist alliance’

Relations between the US and Iran have deteriorated further in recent weeks as the US ramps up pressure on Iran over alleged threats.

The CIA wants you! If you can speak Malay

The intelligence agency says that one’s linguistic skills can make America safer.

Netanyahu gets more time to form new Israel government

Israeli law says that after the first four weeks of political bargaining a further 14 days is granted by the president on request.

Israel reopens Gaza crossings as calm restored

Both crossings have been closed since May 4, when Gaza rulers Hamas and its ally Islamic Jihad fired hundreds of rockets at Israel.

Israel PM Netanyahu to ask for more time to form government

In accordance with Israeli law, Benjamin Netanyahu has an initial 28-day period to form a government, with a possible 14-day extension.

Israel larang bahan api, gas masuk ke Semenanjung Gaza

Langkah itu diambil sebagai tindak balas terhadap bedilan roket dan peluru mortar yang disasarkan kepada pihak Israel.

Trump says US backs Israel ‘100%’ over Gaza escalation

Trump's message came in the wake of the most serious escalation since the 2014 war.

Deadly escalation sees fresh rocket fire from Gaza, Israeli retaliation

Gazan authorities reports four Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes, but Israel disputed their account of the deaths of a pregnant mother and her baby.

Dozens of rockets fired at Israel from Gaza

Israel estimates around 90 rockets has been fired from Palestine, resulting in Israeli airstrikes and rocket launches into Gaza, killing a Palestinian.

Putrajaya tak akan buka kedutaan di Israel

Pendirian Malaysia terhadap Israel masih tidak berubah iaitu tiada sebarang hubungan diplomatik antara kedua-dua negara.

DAP senator says sorry, retracts Israel embassy statement

Nga Hock Cheh says he had also called for the government to set up an embassy in Palestine.

Senator DAP mohon maaf, tarik balik seruan buka kedutaan di Israel

Nga Hock Cheh berkata dia juga mencadangkan kerjaaan membuka kedutaan di Palestin.

Palestinians keep up refusal of tax revenues after Israel cuts

Israel collects around US$190 million monthly in customs duties on goods heading to Palestine through Israeli ports.

Israel to free two prisoners in return for soldier’s remains

An official did not provide any details on the identity of the prisoners being released.

Israel reports highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu at turkey farm

Some 200 birds died of the virus and the rest of the flock was slaughtered.

Egypt announces three-month state of emergency

No reason was given for the decree but this is not the first time a state of emergency has been imposed in northern Sinai.

Israel bakal namakan penempatan Bukit Golan sempena Trump

Ia sebagai penghargaan atas pengiktirafan AS terhadap kedaulatan Israel di Bukit Golan.

Israel to name Golan settlement after Trump

Israel annexed 1,200 square kilometres of the Golan it seized in 1981, a move never recognised by the international community.

Netanyahu formally named next Israeli PM

Reuven Rivlin had sounded out delegations from political parties on Monday and Tuesday.

Netanyahu expected to receive formal nod Wednesday to remain PM

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin must choose who will form the next government and is expected to pick Netanyahu to do so.

London akan anjur kejohanan renang para selepas hak Malaysia dilucut atas...

Proses bidaan baru itu memaksa penganjur menangguhkan kejohanan ke 9 hingga 15 September berbanding tarikh asal akhir Julai hingga awal Ogos.