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Penang’s smart parking hits a snag, leaves local councils furious

Woman who used app to pay for parking in George Town gets a summons notice from the council because of problems in implementation.

7 MA63 issues resolved, 14 need further discussion, says PM’s office

The outstanding issues are expected to be resolved before Aug 31.

Maszlee striving to resolve educational issues, says teachers’ union

The National Union of the Teaching Profession welcomes the initiatives to solve problems within the education ministry.

The deafening silence of PH leaders

Where are the Pakatan Harapan politicians who used to champion moderation, economic wellbeing, good governance and the environment?

Malaysia, Singapore to discuss airspace dispute on Jan 8

Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah will meet his Singaporean counterpart, Vivian Balakrishnan.

How will people look at PH in 4-5 years?

People are not in a rush to judge Pakatan Harapan but the euphoria will soon dissipate, which means PH will have to start now to resolve issues affecting the public.

Indian issues are national issues, rights lawyers tell Putrajaya

Lawyers for Liberty says now is the best time to move away from a racial way of dealing with problems as Indian issues should be the concern of the government and all MPs.

Housewives’ EPF: Looking for ways around the law

Government agencies and departments to meet in August at a special conference to look into technicalities such as EPF Acts' protection of members' contributions.

Time to focus on re-building Umno, says Mohamad Hasan

He says the problems within Umno caused by negative issues and lies are now all over.

Sport in “stone age” on equal pay issues, says Hamilton

Hamilton, who was 12th on the Forbes annual list of the world's highest-paid athletes released this week, was asked his thoughts on the total absence of women in the top 100.

Think Malaysian, urges Chin Tong

The DAP strategist notes that for far too long, issues have been discussed along racial lines, with Malaysians harping on their strong racial identity.

Penang CM meeting as many groups as possible to know issues

He intends to meet the Penang Forum, a coalition of 20 NGOs championing environmental issues in the state.

Let’s be inclusive as we move forward

Political parties must realise they are playing with fire when they resort to narrow divisive issues of identity, be it religion, race, colour or class.

Beijing, Hanoi promise to keep peace in South China Sea

Foreign ministers from China and Vietnam has vowed on Sunday to address disputes peacefully.

Turkey and EU fail to reach ‘concrete solutions’ after talks

Erdogan had held a working dinner with European Union President Donald Tusk and European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker in Bulgaria with a litany of issues clouding their discussions.

Australian PM under pressure after govt loses 29th straight opinion poll

The result of the widely watched poll leaves Turnbull just one poll away from a symbolically significant 30th poll loss, which he cited as one of his reasons for toppling former leader Tony Abbott in a party room spill in September 2015.

First plastic bags, then quinoa – who’s immature now?

#UndiRosak supporters have been labelled immature and even brain-damaged, but what about political leaders who quibble over rice vs quinoa and the supply of free plastic bags?

Zunar: Wrong to blacklist artistes who ‘voice people’s concern’

Political cartoonist says Sheila Majid and other artistes are only speaking up about what ordinary folk are already thinking, on bread-and-butter issues.

IGP Fuzi vows to look into Raymond Koh case, other issues

New Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun says he will spell out his priorities soon.

GE14: Rakyat will decide if DoJ suits matter, Hisham says

Citing his own constituency as an example, Sembrong MP Hishammuddin Hussein says Felda settlers there are more concerned about elephants destroying their crops.

Suhakam TN50 discourse calls for transparency in govt spending

Participants also talk about need to respect religious values and having a hub that is transparent and filled with genuine information.

Mukhriz’s suit to go ahead

Judge says there are triable issues to be determined, but agrees to the removal of two of four press statements made by Tengku Sariffuddin.

Kok: What people really want now is an agenda for change

PH leaders agree with Rafizi Ramli's call for the opposition to end talk on who should be PM or the shadow cabinet and focus on issues concerning the people.

Indian trade chamber: Resolve worker shortage quickly

It says the lack of foreign workers has placed many Indian-owned businesses in dire straits.