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Penang vows to be kind to its stray dogs

State exco man says it was repulsed by Ipoh City Council's controversial shoot-at-sight method of controlling strays.

Penang expects city status for Seberang Perai soon

Exco man says the proposal is being deliberated by the federal Cabinet.

Penang to gazette 2030 structure plan with PTMP, three-islands project

Exco Jagdeep Singh Deo says all considerations have been looked into before approving structure plan.

108 plots of land in Penang used for unauthorised purposes, assembly...

Exco says new local government by-laws are being formulated to impose deterrent fines.

Hunt on for men who dumped waste into sea from lorry,...

Jagdeep Singh Deo tells assembly the culprits should be be brought to court and charged under the 'harshest of laws'.

Emulate Penang’s political will over PPR flats abuse, CM tells Putrajaya

Chow Kon Yeow says Penang has shown it wants to clean up years of abuse by those ineligible for the flats, adding that Taman Manggis residents who were evicted had violated people’s housing project rules.

Penghuni flat PPR diberi 3 hari untuk keluarkan barang

Ketua menteri kesal ada pihak jadikan tindakan penguat kuasa isu perkauman

Usir penghuni Taman Manggis: Kena tegas untuk adil, kata kerajaan

Penghuni yang diusir didapati tidak layak menyewa dan kerajaan negeri mahu berlaku adil kepada pemohon dalam senarai menunggu.

Senior citizen claims ‘cruelly evicted’ from Penang flat

The woman is among 17 families evicted from government rental flats after being found ineligible.

Penang plans RM40 million cycling lane, with view

The boardwalk-style lane is part of the state’s Green Connectors project to get more people to cycle and help ensure a green environment.

Penang’s 2030 structure plan to be ready by June 2019

The plan is a cornerstone of Penang's development as it will shape the state into a smart city, says Jagdeep Singh Deo.

Penang moots new affordable housing scheme

State plans to introduce leasehold category to encourage home ownership.

Penang exco man moots generational loans to cut home loan rejection...

Jagdeep Singh Deo also proposes a permanent national policy on lowering home prices.

Penang to re-apply for city status for Seberang Perai

State exco man says he was told that there is no rule forbidding states from having more than one city.

Jagdeep moots federal ‘housing tax’ to build affordable homes

Penang exco man says UK and other European countries have successfully carried out this scheme.

Penang’s new structure plan open for public feedback

2030 Penang Structure Plan will be on display for the next two months for public feedback.

‘Family entertainment licences issued after nod from cops’

Local government committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo says police should inform the state authorities if they are aware of outlets that are abusing their licences.

Build expensive houses at your own risk, Penang warns developers

As the number of unsold high-end properties goes up, Penang Housing Committee chairman says it is time for developers to build more affordable homes.

Penang to build more first-class foreign workers’ dorms

State wants to replicate Singapore in providing comfortable housing for migrant workers.

Over 30 schools in Penang have no CF, assembly told

Penang government can’t do much as federal authorities are liable for matters related to government schools, says exco man.

‘Don’t play-play’ warning as Penang declares war on dirty food outlets

The state declares an all-out war on food outlet operators who fail to practise good hygiene.

Finally, Penang gets RM150 million for flood mitigation project

With the long-awaited funds in hand, work will begin next year to fix the problematic Sungai Pinang to keep it from bursting its banks.

Jagdeep: LED street lights helping Penang save millions

The Penang exco says the installation of LED street lamps will help both local councils in the state save close to 60% of their street lighting costs.

Penang to take wrecking ball to illegal roadside shops

State authorities say time is running out for those who operate illegally on state and federal reserve land by the road.