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Jakarta still sinking, despite groundwater improvements

Construction and natural movement of soil due to tectonic activities making things worse.

Indonesia enlists McKinsey’s help to move capital to Borneo

New first city will be situated in forest, away from crowded, flood-prone Jakarta.

More than 2 dozen IS-linked militants nabbed for Indonesian minister attack

27 suspects arrested following assassination attempt on former general Wiranto.

Indonesia pindah ibu negara tidak jejas hubungan KL-Jakarta, kata timbalan menteri

Malaysia bersedia untuk berkongsi pengalaman dan kepakaran dengan Indonesia jika perlu.

Scores arrested after fresh Indonesia protests

Police questioning those detained to determine whether or not they are students.

Syarikat Malaysia berkait jerebu belum beri laporan, kata Teresa

Syarikat terbabit tidak semestinya bersalah kerana mereka mempunyai sijil pengesahan.

Cabinet discussed ways to manage haze situation, says Dr M

The prime minister declines to comment on Indonesia's claim that the haze in Malaysia is caused by its own forest fires.

Haze continues as Rompin hits very unhealthy level

Many areas in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Sarawak also continue to record unhealthy API readings.

Polis Jakarta terpaksa pantau stesen MRT selepas aduan bau hancing

Polis Jakarta selatan akan menjaga kawasan itu dan kakitangan pembersihan ditugaskan untuk membersihkan stesen MRT setelah menerima aduan.

Asia should fix its megacities, not move them

Given how many people will continue to live in urban conurbations, the focus has to remain on fixing what ails them.

Indonesia pledges RM168 billion to modernise Jakarta

The biggest chunk of the cost would be for mass transportation, such as lengthening the newly built MRT system.

Awasi hidupan liar, hutan, pakar beritahu Sabah susulan rancangan Indonesia pindah...

Baru-baru ini, Presiden Indonesia Joko Widodo mengumumkan bahawa ibu negara baru itu kemungkinan besar ditempatkan di daerah Penajam Paser Utara dan Kutai Kertanegara di Borneo.

Mind the forests, wildlife expert tells Sabah as Indonesia plans capital...

Benoit Goossens says the project will put an untold amount of pressure on Borneo.

Gojek is the best way to beat the congestion in Jakarta

Gojek also operates in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Gadis rugi lebih RM1,500 selepas wang simpanan dimakan anai-anai

Daripada RM1,589 yang dirosakkan anai-anai hanya RM309 boleh diganti dengan wang baru di Bank Indonesia.

Indonesia’s Widodo formally proposes relocating capital to Borneo

Indonesian President Joko Widodo made the proposal during his state of the union speech at parliament, a day before the country celebrates its 74th independence anniversary.

Gereja Jakarta ubah jadual keagamaan, beri laluan umat Islam rai Aidiladha

Gereja Katedral membenarkan umat Islam menggunakan ruangnya untuk menunaikan solat sunat Aidiladha kerana Masjid Istiqlal dalam proses pengubahsuaian.

Indonesia eyes Borneo forest area to replace capital city

With easy access to two international airports, it also meets the main criteria for the new capital set by President Jokowi, including being largely free from risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods.

Jakarta curbs private cars in bid to cut choking pollution

The move comes after several measures proposed by the Jakarta governor last week, which include tightening emission tests and reining in industrial discharges.

Jokowi bashes state power company over blackouts

Jakarta, the centre of government and business in Indonesia, suffers periodic blackouts that are usually short-lived and confined to certain areas.

Jakarta, neighbouring provinces in Java hit by major blackout

It is not immediately clear how long the disruption might last, though it appears to have affected most areas of Jakarta.

Indonesia sends thousands of security personnel to combat forest fires

After facing global pressure on its open burning, Indonesia's deployment of military and police personnel will see that forest fires are put to an end.

Jokowi sued over Jakarta’s air pollution

Joko Widodo's government is facing a lawsuit by Jakarta's residents over its failure to solve the city's major air pollution problem.

Indonesia to return 49 containers of waste to Europe, US

Jakarta has joined Malaysia and the Philippines to ship back dozens of containers full of waste from western countries and Hong Kong.