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Anak muda Britain berbasikal dan busking demi Malaysia

Anak Muda Britain berumur 11 tahun memilih Malaysia sebagai destinasi percutian

Bike and busk: How a British trumpeter is biking his way...

Eleven-year-old Noam Dewhurst has cycled through the towns of Norfolk playing 'Negaraku' to raise funds for a trip to Malaysia.

Malaysia condemns burning of Jalur Gemilang in the Philippines

Wisma Putra says the flag is a sacred national symbol and should be treated with respect.

Family steps out for Merdeka in style with Jalur Gemilang

Zihaza Sabila says she wants to instil in her children spirit of patriotism and make them understand how difficult it is for country to achieve its independence.

How a young sailor’s stitch in time made sure Merdeka passed...

The matelot who raised the first Malayan flag in 1957 now worries about declining patriotism.

Masih ramai yang tak kisah kibarkan Jalur Gemilang

Dalam satu klip video sempena sambutan hari kemerdekaan, Mahathir berkata rakyat sudah hidup senang-lenang, dengan itu mereka percaya merdeka satu perkara biasa.

Survey: Patriotism flying high ahead of National Day

The majority of respondents say they are proud to be Malaysian, although the numbers have declined since last year.

A new Malaysia, a new hope

The Christian Federation of Malaysia calls for the people to join hands and work together to rebuild the nation.

4,000 Jalur Gemilang hiasi Hulu Kinta

Kerja-kerja pemasangan bendera secara bergotong-royong membabitkan 50 golongan muda termasuk wanita yang juga penduduk setempat kawasan itu.

Good times ahead for rejecting ‘kleptocracy’, says Dr M

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says Malaysians achieved an unexpected victory in the last election by changing the government.

Spectacular start to first ‘National Month’ under PH

Dr Mahathir Mohamad and senior ministers joined thousands in Penang today to launch a month-long campaign leading up to Merdeka Day.

Does anyone care when our national flag is desecrated?

How is it that flags hung at various locations in Kuala Lumpur are in a tattered, torn and sorry state?

Aquaria KLCC creates record with longest Jalur Gemilang

The flag, measuring 60 metres by 83 centimetres, will be on display at the Aquaria KLCC until Sunday.

Malaysia moves up to 29th spot in Global Peace Index

Minister Joseph Kurup says country's ranking was published in a study by the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP).

Jalur Gemilang guna 8000 tempurung kelapa

Sejak tahun 2015, sekolah berkenaan mengadakan acara simbolik menghasilkan Jalur Gemilang menggunakan bahan terpakai bagi memperingati sambutan itu.

My Merdeka Day musings

Merdeka Day should be a reflection on how we want to live every day of our lives, not just on August 31 every year.

DBKL, here’s a simple way to make everyone fly the national...

If KL City Hall were to carry out enforcement of its laws effectively and efficiently, then residents will be more than willing to fly not only the national flag, but also the DBKL flag.

KL kaji wajibkan premis kibar bendera sempena Merdeka

Datuk bandar KL berkata rakyat Indonesia tidak malu memasang dan mengibarkan bendera negara mereka walaupun tidak disuruh.

DBKL considering making flying Jalur Gemilang compulsory

Kuala Lumpur Mayor suggests business owners be allowed to renew their licences only if they had put up national flag in conjunction with Merdeka Day celebrations.

KL2017: Bring glory to the country, says Najib

Prime Minister says athletes can count on support of over 30 million Malaysians at the 29th SEA Games.

PPBM slams Malay groups over non-Malays’ citizenship

PPBM Youth chief calls new Malay-Muslim movement a disgrace for wanting to erase the Malaysian identity that unites all ethnic groups.

Insiden lempar baju: Pemain badminton Denmark mohon maaf kepada rakyat Malaysia

Jorgensen memohon maaf secara terbuka di Facebook miliknya, menegaskan beliau tidak berniat untuk bersikap kurang ajar semasa melemparkan baju pemain badminton Malaysia, Iskandar Zulkarnain.

Kakitangan awam Australia letak jawatan lepas insiden seluar dalam

Jack Walker adalah penasihat dasar kanan di pejabat Menteri Pertahanan Australia, Christopher Pyne.

‘Budgie 9’ man quits as Aussie minister’s aide

Jack Walker was among the group who stripped down to their Jalur Gemilang underwear at the Malaysia Grand Prix.