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Tag: James Nayagam

Is suing effective to stop the bully menace?

Activists divided over a recent court decision to award compensation to a bully victim.

Aktivis hak kanak-kanak bimbang cadangan tukar agama sebelah pihak di Selangor

Aktivis hak kanak-kanak, James Nayagam dan Pakar psikologi, Geshina Ayu Mat Saat berkata, penukaran agama sebelah pihak akan menyebabkan kanak-kanak berdepan trauma, kekeliruan dan penderitaan.

Child rights activist voices fears over unilateral conversions

James Nayagam says a divorce between spouses of different religions can cause deep trauma in children because of the likelihood of heightened animosity between the parents.

‘No one in charge’ leaves tahfiz school children in the lurch

Activist says government agencies are reluctant to get involved because the schools come under Islamic administration.

Expert raises concern over ignorance about paedophilia

USM's Mohd Taufik Mohammad says parents must familiarise themselves with the issue and teach children not to speak to strangers.

Activist: Boldly look at shariah, civil laws to solve child marriage

James Nayagam says shariah and civil laws must be aligned in the best interests of children in matters such as child marriage and care.

Activist: Young offenders won’t benefit from boot camp

No amount of military training, exercises or drills will help resolve the underlying issues that cause some youths to stray off the right path, says James Nayagam.

Young children can mimic sexual action, says psychologist

Clinical psychologist at private university says boy accused of raping a six-year-old girl in Melaka may not comprehend seriousness of his action.

Many dropouts turn to life of crime, warns activist

Suriana Welfare Society chairman James Nayagam wants the education system to play a bigger role in stopping students from dropping out of schools.

Ways to curb bullying in schools

Many students believe they should be the ones addressing the issue rather than participating in the usual programmes planned and implemented by adults and the authorities.

Activist: Sexual abuse common in boarding schools, shelters

Children's rights activist, James Nayagam, says survey by his NGO shows most hostel wardens admit prevalence of child sexual abuse.

Child activist: Students joining gangs in school for RM30

He says those who refuse to be members are beaten up and even teachers are afraid of these student gangsters.

Activist: Nanny could be accused of abducting abandoned boy

Child rights activist James Nayagam warns that in cases where a child is abandoned, the relevant authorities must be informed promptly.

Coming soon: Therapy for sexually abused children

A non-governmental welfare organisation will set up a facility to help victims face the aftermath of abuse.

Never use the rod, says child rights activist

According to James Nayagam, corporal punishment is abuse and against the law.

Activist: New system needed to fight child sexual abuse

Child rights activist says Malaysia's system is outdated, and an estimated 750,000 cases of child abuse occur every year.

Baby-selling rackets may involve kidnapping

A child rights activist tells of illegal clinics that snatch babies from their mothers.

Ahli politik tak jaga mulut beri kesan kepada pelajar sekolah

Disebabkan penyebaran maklumat yang pantas, murid sekolah zaman ini lebih terdedah kepada laporan berita dan ini sedikit sebanyak mempengaruhi kelakuan mereka.

Zaman ini, rotan anak tak berkesan, kata aktivis

James Nayagam percaya pendekatan yang lebih lembut boleh mendisiplinkan pelajar.

Child sex abuse a bigger problem than we think

Many cases are unreported, and even when they are, investigations are challenging and the court process takes a long time, says an activist.

Caning can backfire, says child rights activist

James Nayagam claims that a soft approach to disciplining students can produce better results.

Human trafficking – an analysis of issues

Survivors of human trafficking are entitled to assistance, protection and access to justice regardless of their residence status or whether perpetrators are identified and prosecuted.

‘Give foreign child beggars access to schools’

Activist James Nayagam says it is part of Malaysia's obligation, after signing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, to look after the interests of these children.

Lock-ups in deplorable condition, says Suhakam

Condition of lock-ups affecting morale of both detainees and police officers, says Suhakam Commissioner James Nayagam.