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Update to Sabah natives list not ready after 10 years, admits...

Many groups such as the Kadazan-Dusun and Murut want to be classified as natives and enjoy the benefits under the law.

Lepa lepa identity letters are illegal, says assistant minister

Jannie Lasimbang declares that no native court or village chief is empowered to issue such documents to stateless sea gypsies.

Drop Papar Dam project, Sabah assistant minister urges state govt

Sabah Assistant Law and Native Affairs Minister Jannie Lasimbang says the state government should look at other alternatives to ensure adequate water and power supply.

Delay in appointing village chiefs derails daily life in Sabah

The continuity of native customs has been affected, says Parti Cinta Sabah's Norbert Chin.

Revamp for Sabah Native Court amid concerns over political appointees

Assistant Law and Native Affairs Minister Jannie Lasimbang says the buildings are there but the offices are understaffed as political appointees still fill the ranks.

Child marriage: Assistant minister snubs lawyer’s proposal for age limit

Law and Native Affairs Assistant Minister Jannie Lasimbang says she will recommend that state laws on marriage comply with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Sabah to launch study on child marriages to assess problem

State Law and Native Affairs Assistant Minister Jannie Lasimbang says the problem is widespread in rural areas and involves various Muslim and native groups.

Shafie gives assurance stateless people issue will be resolved

The chief minister says the government needs to tread carefully on the ‘delicate and complex' problem.

Cubaan bakar pusat khidmat DAP Penampang gagal

Ketua Wanita DAP Sabah, Jannie Lasimbang berkata, kejadian itu berlaku di pusat khidmatnya di Donggongon, kira-kira 8km dari Kota Kinabalu, sekitar 1.30 tengah hari tadi.

Attempted arson at Penampang DAP office

Sabah DAP's Jannie Lasimbang says security guard was in office when he smelled something burning, finding an envelope on fire, with box of matches under door.

DAP sincere in helping indigenous people, says its Sabah chief

Indigenous rights campaigner Jannie Lasimbang to head the party’s push to woo rural native community.

Kit Siang wants Jannie Lasimbang as CEC member

DAP parliamentary leader says he will propose to co-opt Lasimbang into the party's national leadership once its conflict with the RoS is resolved.

DAP to field more women candidates in Sabah

Sabah DAP women’s chief Jannie Lasimbang says more indigenous women are taking part in politics now although they still face objections from their families.

Bekas ketua Bersih Sabah 2.0 sertai DAP

Tindakan Jannie Lasimbang menguatkan spekulasi beliau akan bertanding di kerusi Parlimen Penampang menentang penyandang Darell Leiking.

Former Bersih Sabah 2.0 chief joins DAP

Jannie Lasimbang's move comes in the wake of speculation that she will be fielded in the Penampang parliamentary seat against incumbent Darell Leiking of Warisan.

Court acquits Sabah Bersih chief over Bersih 4 rally

Magistrate rules prosecution has failed to prove ownership by Kota Kinabalu City Hall of park site.

NGO to map out and consolidate Orang Asal territories

Local NGO for Orang Asal rights called Joas, will be mapping out Orang Asal territories in conjunction with the #LandRightsNow campaign.