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Tag: Japan-South Korea trade dispute

Japan wins partial WTO victory in South Korea duties case

A previous ruling finding that Seoul's anti-dumping duties on Japanese pneumatic valves violated some international trade rules was upheld.

S.Korea to scrap intelligence-sharing pact with Japan amid feud

With the decision not to extend the pact, the political and trade disputes between South Korea and Japan now extend into some of the most sensitive national security issues in the region.

Japan, S.Korea agree on need for dialogue to resolve wartime labour...

Relations soured after the South Korean Supreme Court ordered some Japanese firms to compensate Korean wartime workers, a move strongly condemned by Tokyo.

Japan allows further exports of high-tech material to S.Korea

Relations between the two US allies worsened late last year when a South Korean court ordered Japanese companies to compensate former labourers forced by the firms to work during WWII.

S.Korea’s Moon open to dialogue with Japan amid trade row

The two neighbours can overcome the past and move toward the future if Japan 'contemplates a past that brought misfortune to its neighbouring countries,' says South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

S.Korean cosmetics firm’s boss quits over YouTube video praising Japan

The video, played at a monthly meeting of some 700 employees of Kolmar Korea last week, praises Shinzo Abe for 'not punching Moon Jae-in in the face'.

South Korea world’s worst major equity market in 2019

China’s yuan sinking beyond 7 per dollar fuels fresh offloading of equities in Korea, overtaking those of Malaysia's.

Japanese car sales plunge in S.Korea as trade row rages

The slump comes amid an intensifying trade dispute between Seoul and Tokyo.

Japan to remove Seoul from favoured export partner ‘white list’

The measure is the latest blow to ties between South Korea and Japan, which have plunged to new lows over a long-running dispute on forced labour during World War II.

US’s Pompeo hopes to help patch up Japan-S.Korea ties

The US has reportedly urged both nations to consider signing a 'standstill agreement' on their dispute to buy time for them to negotiate.

Japan set to remove S.Korea from favoured trade list

The move is part of an ongoing trade war between the two neighbours in the Pacific region after Tokyo slowed down supply of 3 vital electronic items to Seoul in early July.