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Mahathir launches Japanese translation of book on his speeches

The book, giving guidance to youths on their responsibilities, was launched in Kyodo.

7 World War II movies to watch this ‘Victory over Japan...

From Malaysia to Korea, every country has a story about the Second World War.

Chicken katsu – low calorie and lean protein recipe

This chicken katsu recipe is only 383 calories. It’s a healthy dish and loaded with lean protein.

Sushi Ryu’s RM500 plus omakase dinner

Is it worth your money to spend RM500 or more for a Japanese omakase dinner for two?

Pork lovers, listen up! Tonkatsu by Ma Maison is fantastic

Tonkatsu is basically breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet served with shredded cabbage, an ideal meal for those on a low-carb or keto diet.

Two Japanese face prosecution for attempting to join IS

Facing the consequences of their actions, two Japanese may face prosecution as they travelled to Syria to fight for the Islamic State.

Palembang attractions for the diehard tourist

From historical monuments to museums, pagodas and bridges, Palembang does offer the earnest tourist some fascinating things to see.

Chicken Teriyaki: Make a Japanese classic in your own home

This recipe uses only four ingredients and teaches the techniques on how to get a super crispy and crackly skin.

Already-downgraded Nissan credit rating hit by negative outlook

There is a more than one-in-three chance of a further delay in Nissan’s profit recovery, which has lowered the company’s long-term issuer credit rating.

Mahathir defends retaining Kiandee as PAC chairman

What can PH do if the Beluran MP who was in opposition when made PAC chairman has now joined a government party, asks the prime minister.

Japanese investors ready to return after action over 1MDB scandal, says...

The finance minister says PH's action against those accused of corruption has restored the faith of foreign investors, including the Japanese, in the Malaysian economy.

Breakfast and more at Yesterday, Subang Courtyard

This cafe-restaurant claims to be a British Colonial and Japanese inspired brand, and the menu does reflect the theme pretty well.

Harley Davidson sees continued drop in sales

The American iconic motorcycle brand's weakness is the most pronounced in the US market, where sales have declined 10.1% to 20,849 vehicles.

First class food at Jyu Raku, time and again

With an extensive and tempting menu, you would have to go back many a time before you've finally tasted most of the dishes.

Nishikori powers through to Brisbane final

Nishikori shows all the qualities of a top five player in his 66-minute demolition at the Pat Rafter Arena.

For relaxed Mayweather, Japan fight ‘all about entertainment’

The 41-year-old unbeaten champion has been tempted out of retirement, again.

Hana Tei Japanese Restaurant: Bangsar has a new favourite

Come for some outstanding food executed with perfection from sushi, sashimi and teppanyaki to teriyaki, nabemoto and tempura.

Taipei’s many aesthetic Japanese-era buildings

Taiwan's 50-year Japanese colonial experience has left a lasting influence on the island’s complex identity.

Inside the historical Kota Kayang Museum in Perlis

The current building, completed in 1999, is supposed to be structurally identical to the one it replaced which was used as the official residence of the British Advisor to Perlis.

Abe’s foreign policy faces doubt in Japan ahead of Asia Summits

A Pew Research Center survey found half of Japanese voters had little or no confidence in Abe doing the right thing in world affairs, the highest level in more than a decade.

A Japanese student shows why Mahathir-san is looking east again

The youth exemplifies the values that the prime minister wants Malaysians to inculcate so as to stride forward and grow the Malaysian economy.

Welcome to Piu Piu Piu: Probably the smallest cafe in KL

The cafe is cosy and comfortable, and makes the perfect setting for some coffee and cake.

The Japanese gastropub craze has hit town

The Robataya Izakaya in Publika has got everything going for it - drinks and a full on Japanese meal with rolls, sashimi, skewers, barbecues and salads.

Penang War Museum a grim reminder of World War II

Outdoor living war museum is among Top 10 Most Haunted Sites in Asia due to the numerous deaths that took place there during World War II.