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Tag: Jawi calligraphy

Think rationally, Maszlee tells groups threatening boycott over Jawi script

The education minister says children should not be deprived of education, adding that those who prevent their children from attending school may jeopardise their children’s future.

Decide or follow, which is it, Sabah MCA asks state leaders...

Sabah MCA women's chief Pamela Yong says state leaders have been issuing conflicting statements on the matter.

Waytha denies speaking about khat in Tamil schools

The minister says he never spoke with Malaysiakini or any of its reporters or journalists on the matter, but Malaysiakini says a statement in Tamil was sent by email.

Anger over khat persists

The government's latest bid to find a compromise fails to cool tempers.

Jawi and khat not Malaysia’s identity, says non-Muslim group

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism says this role is played by the Malay language, not the Jawi script.

DAP MPs deny members told to toe the line over khat

Ramkarpal Singh says he was present at the meeting, which had allowed members to express their views and suggest possible solutions.