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Tag: jawi script

Negeri govt backs move to encourage use of Jawi script

Menteri Besar Aminuddin Harun says local authorities in the state have been using the Jawi script, including for road signs.

Friday is Jawi Day, Mujahid declares

This will involve ministry staff and heads of government religious bodies wearing name tags in Jawi.

Jakim supports Johor religious authorities use of Jawi, says Mujahid

Mujahid says in Jakim, for every programme, about 25% of the posters or materials were written in Jawi.

Stop raising sensitive issues, peaceful assemblies, says IGP

The nation's top cop says police will act to maintain public order and national security.

Let school boards approve Jawi script lessons, say Dong Zong, Chinese...

Nine Chinese-interest groups say it will be problematic for PIBGs to decide whether to allow Jawi script lessons as some schools do not even have them.

Teachers’ group says Dong Zong’s opposition to khat in BM syllabus...

NUTP says there is nothing religious about learning the Malay-Arabic calligraphy.