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No need for MCA to close shop over Balakong defeat, says...

Former Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi says Malaysia needs opposition parties to ensure check and balance against the government of the day and the MCA should reorganise itself to become more powerful.

In Karpal town, everybody loves Jeff

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi says he will contest again in the coming polls as mandated by Karpal Singh's 'tiger family'.

Penang stops funds for temple fest after ‘insulting’ remarks

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun says Penang Chinese Clan Council chairman had insulted the office of the governor.

Right time to invest in Uber?

A US$30m investment for just a fraction of the global ride-sharing internet company, may not prove a wise decision this late in the game.

From Karpal Singh to Haron Din

A humble expression of respect for the deceased constitutes a universal understanding in our civilized world.

Adios: Jeff Ooi dibebaskan dengan ikat jamin polis

Ahli Parlimen itu disoal siasat selama empat jam di Balai Polis Jalan Pattani, Pulau Pinang

Jeff Ooi released on police bail pending probe into tweet

MP was grilled for four hours at Pattani Road police station in Penang.

IGP: Arrest warrant for Sidek unnecessary

He says the offence falls under the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Act 1998, which requires no search warrant or arrest warrant.

Jeff Ooi to surrender to police tomorrow

Lawyer RSN Rayer says the DAP MP will give his statement and cooperate with the police over the case.

Jeff Ooi serah diri esok

Peguamnya berkata ahli Parlimen DAP itu akan hadir di balai polis, tengah hari esok.

Jeff Ooi was rude, but that’s not a crime

The police should not act against rudeness, it is part and parcel of freedom of expression and speech.

Jeff Ooi diminta serah diri selepas komen Haron Din

Khalid berkata setakat ini 3 lelaki berumur 50 dan 60-an ditahan di Shah Alam dan Bandar Utama, Selangor dan seorang lagi di Ipoh, Perak.

Jeff Ooi being investigated over Haron Din tweet

IGP says the Jelutong MP will be called in to give his statement, and that the police will go after him if he refuses to cooperate.

Jeff Ooi’s racist tendencies will cost PH, says Sara Petra

Raja Sara Petra says Jeff Ooi's racist tendencies also common among other DAP leaders.

Presiden MCA gesa Jeff Ooi mohon maaf

Liow berkata, walaupun tidak sependapat daripada segi politik, perkara itu tidak perlu dipolitikkan.

MCA chief urges Jeff Ooi to apologise

Although we disagree politically, we do not have to politicise the matter, says Liow Tiong Lai

‘Adios’ row: Perkasa wants everyone to apologise

After Jelutong MP sparks uproar with remark about the death of PAS spiritual leader, Perkasa says all 'improper' postings and comments on Twitter and Facebook should be deleted.

PAS Youth: Jeff Ooi the rudest MP in the country

Deputy Youth chief says DAP showed true colours in not reprimanding Jelutong MP for 'adios' remark about Haron Din.

LGE: DAP kesali kenyataan tidak sensitif Jeff Ooi

Lim Guan Eng melahirkan rasa kesal terhadap ahli keluarga Haron Din sekiranya tersinggung dengan tweet Jeff Ooi, yang tidak mewakili pendirian parti

Guan Eng: DAP regrets Jeff’s insensitive remark

Ooi's re-tweet does not represent DAP's stand, party expresses regret if Haron Din's family felt slighted.

Twitter saya tidak digodam, kata Jeff Ooi

Ahli Parlimen Jelutong menjelaskan beliau mempunyai kawalan penuh ke atas akaun Facebook dan Twitter miliknya

Tidak tegur Jeff Ooi, DAP tunjuk wajah sebenar, kata PAS

Timbalan Ketua Pemuda PAS berkata Ahli Parlimen Jelutong paling kurang ajar di negara ini

Under fire, Jeff says offensive statement was ‘Photoshopped’

Jelutong MP claims the offensive statements were photoshopped by other parties and that he only issues statements on Facebook.

Jeff Ooi must answer, says activist Tariq

Grandson of Tun Dr Ismail says frustration over politics has led to anger among many people.