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Tag: Jeffrey Kitingan

Kitingan questions politics of race and religion in Sabah

State opposition leader Jeffrey Kitingan says it is strange that an event assumed to be religious will be officiated by the chief minister.

Pay up 20% oil royalty or stop pumping in Sabah, says...

The Sabah opposition leader accuses the PH government of making promises just to get support during the election.

Keluarkan Jeffrey daripada senarai larangan masuk ke Sarawak, kata aktivis hak...

Jeffrey dilarang masuk ke Sarawak sejak Feb 2017.

Will ‘war refugees’ retain status in new pass, asks Kitingan

Sabah opposition leader urges the state government to reveal its long-term plan for 600,000 documented foreigners.

Remove Jeffrey from ban list, activist tells Sarawak immigration

The Sabah politician was recently given a temporary pass to allow him to meet Chief Minister Abang Johari Openg.

Sabah, Sarawak mull establishing consultative panel of MPs

STAR president Jeffrey Kitingan says the idea is to present a common position on MA63 during parliamentary debates.

Kitingan cabar menteri tuntut 40% levi pelepasan

Pemimpin pembangkang Sabah itu berkata, menteri kewangan dan Putrajaya akan memulangkan 40% levi pelepasan itu dengan adanya tekanan daripada kerajaan negeri dan menteri persekutuan dari Sabah.

Kitingan presses ministers to reclaim 40% of departure tax

STAR president says the federal government is bound by the constitution to return 40% of the revenue collected from Sabah.

SPRM jangan lupa siasat kes rasuah Shafie dan Risda, kata Kitingan

Pemimpin pembangkang Sabah itu memuji Ketua Pesuruhjaya SPRM, Latheefa Koya yang mengumumkan ia sedang meneliti semula kes yang sudah ditutup atau diklasifikasikan 'tiada tindakan lanjut'.

Tawau MyKad syndicate just tip of the iceberg, says Kitingan

The Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku president urges police to improve their intelligence work to weed out other such activities.

Strong-arm tactics fuel Sabahan’s rebellious mood, says Jeffrey

Use of the Sedition Act by Dr Mahathir Mohamad to quell calls for breaking away from Malaysia have further fanned such sentiments.

Kerajaan pertimbang cadangan dedah laporan ‘Double Six’, kata Jeffrey

Jeffrey Kitingan diberitahu oleh menteri pengangkutan bahawa keputusan akan dibuat dengan persetujuan dari Kabinet persekutuan.

Cabinet to consider declassifying report on Sabah Double Six air tragedy

Keningau MP Jeffrey Kitingan was told by the transport minister that the decision will be made at the next Cabinet meeting.

Selfish leaders blocking common Dayak identity, says Jeffrey

Borneo Dayak Forum International president Jeffrey Kitingan says the indigenous people have been indoctrinated with the divide and rule mentality for generations.

Masalah dalam badan pemikir Sabah bukti Shafie lemah, kata Jeffrey

Wujud masalah komunikasi antara kerajaan negeri dengan badan pemikirnya sendiri.

Problem in Sabah think tank indicates Shafie weak, says Jeffrey

Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku president says the chief minister Shafie Apdal should stop trying to please both sides over the Institute for Development Studies issue.

Curb crime involving foreigners before situation explodes, warns Jeffrey

Jeffrey Kitingan claims Sabahans don’t feel safe any more with the rise in crimes involving foreigners.

Kadazan Dream still alive but unity is key, says Kitingan

The dream is to see the KDM community fully participate in the nation’s growth and excel in various areas, including politics and the economy.

Kenapa Warisan gementar jika tak terlibat kempen kerakyatan, kata pembangkang

Jeffrey Kitingan berkata Warisan tiada sebab untuk menyerang bekas ketua menteri Musa Aman.

Why so jittery over ‘citizenship drive’, opposition asks Warisan

STAR chief Jeffrey Kitingan says there is no reason for Warisan to take a cheap shot against former chief minister Musa Aman.

What’s going on with illegal immigrant issue in Sabah, asks opposition...

STAR president Jeffrey Kitingan says either the state government is unaware of Sabahans' concerns or the they have fallen on deaf ears in Putrajaya.

PPBM’s Hajiji rightly concerned with Sabah’s plan to legalise aliens, says...

The STAR president says the Sabah government is too absorbed in helping the illegals while neglecting the locals and this will result in a ‘reverse takeover’ of Sabah.

Parti tempatan perlu rampas semula Sandakan, kata Jeffrey

Semenanjung Malaysia mempunyai 166 kerusi Parlimen melalui DAP dan parti politik yang berpangkalan di semenanjung.

Reclaim Sandakan for local party, Jeffrey says ahead of by-election

The opposition leader says parties from the peninsula cannot be relied on to safeguard the interests of Sabahans.