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Tag: Jempol

Why are farmers, fishermen left out of Budget 2019, MP asks

Jempol MP Mohd Salim Mohd Sharif accuses Pakatan Harapan of neglecting those in rural areas.

Jempol remains with BN, court throws out PPBM’s election petition

This is PPBM's second petition against Barisan Nasional to be struck out by the Election Court.

Ex-Negeri MB, EC want to strike out PKR candidate’s petition

Court was also informed today that EC and its returning officers will be represented by counsel from a private firm in two election petitions.

2 ‘Datuk’ direman bagi siasatan ladang Gatco

Isu pertikaian Ladang Gatco bermula apabila peneroka tidak berpuas hati dengan penjualan ladang itu dan mendakwa wujud penyelewengan dalam penjualan tanah terbabit.

Form 3 student gives birth in surau, Form 4 student arrested

The girl was found lying in the surau of the Jempol school with her baby on her chest.

Tell Negeri Sembilan cops to be fair, Gatco settlers urge federal...

About 70 settlers, involved in a land dispute with a private firm, submit memorandum to the IGP complaining the Negeri Sembilan police have failed to handle the case fairly and professionally.

SPAD suspends company over road crash that claimed 8 lives

Land Public Transport Commission says all 114 cargo trucks belonging to Pahang-based company grounded over Sunday's accident involving four vehicles.

Jempol accident: Trailer driver remanded for 4 days

The trailer lorry and three cars involved in the accident will be sent to Puspakom soon to find out the cause of the accident, say police.

8 killed in fiery accident near Jempol

Six of the victims were trapped in their car which burst into flames after the accident.

Lumba basikal ‘Jempol’, polis Johor tahan 13 remaja

Polis berkata masih terdapat kumpulan berbasikal 'Jempol' yang degil dan menjadikan jalan raya sebagai tempat aktiviti mereka untuk berlumba dan bermain.

Toddler drowns in pail of water at home

18-month old Muhammad Fahrul was found by his father in a pail used to store water.