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Tag: Jeniri Amir

Sarawak teachers’ union supports call to abolish UPSR

Year 4 to 6 pupils are being caught up in an exam-oriented education system, says the Sarawak Bumiputera Teachers Union,

Raise English standards among rural pupils first, says expert

Teachers must have good command of the language and apply the right approach for Science and Mathematics in English.

Come clean on Nik Abduh audio, Hadi told

Political analyst Jeniri Amir says PAS will lose the trust of members and the public if Hadi Awang does not tell the truth about the Nik Abduh audio recording.

Cabinet composition ‘slap in the face’ for Sarawakians, says analyst

Political analyst says it is unfair that Sarawak DAP veteran Chong Chieng Jen has been made a deputy minister while PPBM newbie Syed Saddiq has been appointed a full minister.

Analyst: Pakatan Harapan has no chance in Sarawak

The best the opposition can expect is to repeat their 2013 performance, and the worst is losing their strongholds, says Unimas' Jeniri Amir.

Academic: GE14 likely in March for post-budget impact

Political analyst Jeniri Amir says Budget 2018 will be people-centric and Prime Minister Najib Razak has fewer other options between now and June next year.

PPBM-related survey method is questionable, experts say

It is important for a survey to have respondents who reflect the demographics of the country, say academics, of survey that shows Muhyiddin is most favoured as prime minister and PAS is the most popular party.

Brace for dirtiest-ever election campaign

Analyst Jeniri Amir foresees name calling at its worst.

Sabah snap polls good for BN, say analysts

However, some Umno insiders aren't so sure.

‘Mosquito parties’ in it for publicity, say analysts

The candidates from STAR and PBDS Baru will lose their deposits this Saturday, they say.

PAS told to swallow its pride

An analyst says the Islamist party cannot defeat BN if it does not work with Pakatan.

Huge win foreseen if BN fields Jamilah

An analyst says Adenan Satem's widow has the credentials to be considered as PBB's candidate in Tanjung Datu.

Penganalisis setuju pemimpin P. Pinang mudah tersinggung

Mereka mengulas kenyataan Gerakan yang mendakwa kerajaan Pulau Pinang tidak boleh terima kritikan

Analysts back Gerakan claim Penang leaders thin-skinned

They were commenting on Gerakan's statement that the Penang state government could not accept criticism.

Amanah advised against attacking rivals

Wan Saiful of Ideas says the party needs to show that it's different from other parties.

Analyst: Racial tension due to neglect of Rukun Negara

Political parties don't apply the principles of the national philosophy at their conventions, says Awang Azman.

Mahathir’s idea of ‘unity’ not for Sarawak

Even if opposition parties in the state could be gathered under one umbrella, Unimas lecturer Jeniri Amir remains skeptical about what they could achieve.

PAS-Umno polls link-up? Analysts at odds

UM's Awang Azman doesn't think it will happen, but Unimas' Jeniri says it's possible.

Pakatan told to consider quitting Sabah

An analyst thinks Shafie Apdal is trying to unite Sabah-based opposition parties to ensure straight fights with BN.

‘Biar gabungan Shafie sahaja lawan BN Sabah’

Peningkatan sentimen nasionalis Sabah dan Sarawak bermakna isu tempatan semakin diutamakan pengundi.

Everyone can complain, say political analysts

Analysts say Raja Sara Petra’s statement that eligible voters who do not vote have no right to complain, is wrong.

‘Zahid’s critics don’t represent majority’

An analyst says Malaysians care more about leadership integrity than fluency in English.

Shafie unlikely to cause a ripple in political scene

Analysts say his party won’t create any major shift in the people's support for Umno in Sabah.

Tak guna had tempoh PM jika salah guna terus berleluasa

Ahli akademik berkata rasuah berlaku jika diberikan kuasa sepenuhnya dan baik jika penggal perkhidmatan dihadkan supaya tidak ada penyalahgunaan kuasa.