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Tag: Jennifer Hudson

‘Cats:’ Universal Pictures has unveiled the movie’s first official trailer

'Cats' will be released to North American theatres on December 20.

Aretha Franklin film finds its director

"Respect," the Aretha Franklin biopic with Jennifer Hudson as the iconic singer, will be helmed by Tony-nominated theater director, Liesl Tommy.

Judi Dench joins Elba, McKellen, Hudson in ‘Cats’

The multi-award winning octogenarian is to play the leader of a tribe of cats, Old Deuteronomy, who can choose which tribe member will be born anew.

Taylor Swift in all-star film version of ‘Cats’

Pop superstar Taylor Swift will take to the silver screen alongside Jennifer Hudson in a film adaptation of the popular hit musical "Cats," reports said Friday.

Hollywood reports: Taylor Swift cast in movie version of ‘Cats’

The 28-year-old "Look What You Made Me Do" singer will join Oscar-winning singer and actress Jennifer Hudson, talk show host James Corden and veteran British actor Ian McKellen in the movie.