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Mahkamah tangguh keputusan Kristian Sabah, Sarawak guna kalimah ‘Allah’

Pembicaraan hakim 4 Okt untuk pihak-pihak untuk mengemaskini kes berkenaan pusingan penyitaan bahan-bahan keagamaan Kristian dari Sarawakian Jill Ireland.

Court defers ruling on Sabah, Sarawak Christians using ‘Allah’ in religious...

Judge fixes Oct 4 for parties to update on the case surrounding the seizure of Christian religious material from Sarawakian Jill Ireland.

Verdict on Christians’ right to use ‘Allah’ postponed for 5th time

The verdict, initially scheduled for tomorrow, has been adjourned to allow 'litigants to have a more concrete solution with the government'.

Court defers ruling on Allah issue for third time

Judge Nor Bee Ariffin fixes Oct 29 to deliver her judgment after deferring the ruling pending an administrative matter.

Ruling if Christians can use ‘Allah’ in publications deferred

No reason given why judgment has been put off to another date, says lawyer Annou Xavier.

Christian group slams Mais for wanting DBP to translate Bible

National Evangelical Christian Fellowship says Bible can only be translated by Christian scholars who are authorised by the church.

Home minister can prohibit non-Muslim religious publications, court told

The reliance on a provision in the Printing, Presses and Publications Act is constitutional on grounds of public order and national security, says government lawyer Shamsul Bolhassan.

‘Allah’ ban unconstitutional, discriminatory and unlawful, court told

Lawyer for Sarawakian Jill Ireland says directive disallowing use of the word 'Allah' by non-Muslims has been wrongly enforced as though it is law.

Putrajaya to file expert opinion that ‘Allah’ exclusive to Muslims

Court rules report must be filed by July 14 in response to Sarawakian Jill Ireland's suit on her religious right to use the word in religious education.

MAIWP drops Mahathir’s lawyer in 2 court proceedings

No reason was given, says lawyer Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

FT Islamic council withdraws bid to intervene in Allah case

But Selangor Islamic Religious Council still wishes to act as intervenor in Sarawakian Jill Ireland's judicial review challenging Home Minister.

CD kalimah Allah: Permohonan majlis agama Islam jadi pencelah didengar 16...

Majlis Agama Islam Selangor memohon menjadi pencelah semakan kehakiman Jill Ireland bagi mendapatkan semula CD yang dirampas dan menamakan KDN serta kerajaan sebagai responden.

Court gives Islamic bodies 10 days on ‘Allah’ application

On September 30, the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the church to remove MAIWP as a party in court proceedings.

Has SIB, Ireland’s quest to use Allah come to an end?

Court ruling in denying Islamic council's bid to intervene in SIB case, also states case may be academic as Christian materials have already been returned by government.

Court puts off bid on Jill Ireland case

The postponement of the hearing for two Islamic bodies follows a similar intervening appeal pending at the Court of Appeal.

Sarawakian reminds Home Ministry to return CDs

Home Minister and Federal Government will be cited for contempt of Court if they fail to comply with third reminder.