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US should side with HK protesters, says ex-Pentagon chief Mattis

Jim Mattis says China's efforts to pass a law to allow people in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China is in breach of the 'one country, two systems' formula.

Get Trump alone: Kim Jong-un’s game plan ahead of Vietnam summit

Donald Trump’s habit of making concessions on the fly presents an opportunity that’s likely to lead negotiators from Pyongyang to disregard the president’s staff to focus on what he might offer.

After Mattis, Shanahan takes Pentagon helm at critical time

The 56-year-old spent more than 3 decades at Boeing, where he became senior vice-president, worked on missile defence systems and was general manager of the 787 Dreamliner program.

In Mattis resignation, a singular challenge to Trump’s agenda

Sources said Mattis had already made up his mind that it was time to go.

Defence secretary Mattis quits, citing policy differences with Trump

The ex-Marine Corp general is reported to have become increasingly frustrated with the president's leadership.

Mattis says Russia tried to ‘muck around’ US vote, again

Mattis says the already strained ties between Washington and Moscow have "no doubt" worsened over Russian's continued attempts to interfere in the US voting process.

US troops limited to batons on Mexico border

The military is not allowed in almost any case to get involved in domestic law enforcement.

Saudi coalition halts refuelling deal with US for Yemen war

The move comes amid ongoing international outcry over Saudi actions in Yemen.

In talks with Saudi minister, Mattis calls for transparent investigation in...

Washington Post columnist Khashoggi's murder has escalated into a crisis for the world’s top oil exporter as Saudi Arabia's allies have reacted with outrage.

China’s defence minister to visit Washington, says Mattis

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis says his counterpart is coming to Washington next week to continue discussions.

Mattis says Khashoggi killing undermines regional stability

The killing of Jamal Khashoggi has sparked outrage among Riyadh's Western allies and mushroomed into a crisis for Saudi Arabia

Mattis: Afghan attack won’t change Kandahar security situation

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for Thursday's shooting in the restive southern province that killed anti-Taliban strongman and police chief, General Abdul Raziq.

Afghan attack won’t change Kandahar security situation, says US

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the shooting in the restive southern province that killed anti-Taliban strongman and police chief, General Abdul Raziq.

Mattis to meet Chinese counterpart amid tensions

A meeting between Mattis and Wei was supposed to take place in Beijing last weekend, but it fell through after China declined to make Wei available. a

Freed Vietnam blogger ‘Mother Mushroom’ arrives in US

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, 39, was quietly freed from a jail on Wednesday in Vietnam and put on a plane with her elderly mother and two young children who were seen smiling and hugging her in images shared on social media.

Trump says Mattis ‘could be’ leaving as US defense chief

The exchange on Mattis came after Trump alluded to upcoming changes in his cabinet.

China batal mesyuarat keselamatan dengan AS

Tidak jelas apakah atau bilakah mesyuarat itu akan dijadualkan semula.

Mattis makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan

Mattis, on his fourth visit to the country since becoming defence chief in January 2017, will meet with President Ashraf Ghani and the new US commander for American and NATO forces, General Scott Miller.

Pompeo, Mattis hold talks with Indian counterparts

The two countries are eager to deepen ties as a way of countering China, whose economic and military might grows stronger by the day.

Mattis says US won’t suspend more South Korea military drills

Mattis said he’s working in coordination with Secretary of State Michael Pompeo’s diplomatic efforts, but he also signalled that smaller-scale exercises are going ahead.

Word ‘Russia’ goes unspoken as Mattis meets Balkan defense chiefs

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis met Balkan defense chiefs in Zagreb in an attempt to fight Russia's influence in the region.

US includes main ally Britain in letters demanding higher defence spending

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis threatened to replace Britain with France as its main military ally unless London ramps up its defence spending, in a letter sent on June 12 and reviewed by Reuters on Tuesday.

Mattis says US troop commitment to South Korea is “ironclad”

The decision on the joint military exercises is part of efforts to defuse tensions and build trust, Mattis and his South Korean counterpart Song Young-moo said in a joint statement after their talks.

Mattis lands in China for first Pentagon chief visit since 2014

The trip comes at a fraught diplomatic moment, as President Donald Trump prepares to enact tariffs and investment restrictions to curb what the White House says is China’s “economic aggression.”