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Tag: job opportunities.

Refocus economy or suffer, economist tells Sabah

UiTM economist Firdausi Suffian says the Sabah government must take immediate action to refocus and reprioritise the economy from resource extraction to manufacturing.

Transgenders are successful people too, says activist

Khartini Slamah says trans-people such as cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman have worked hard to be the successful but society continues to view transgenders negatively.

1 million job opportunities not an empty promise, says Kula

The human resources minister says the problem isn't the availability of jobs, but being hired full-time.

Dr M: Langkawi hotel’s success shows govt shouldn’t conduct business

The prime minister hails the success of Dash Resort which was once a government-owned building.

ECRL not the only way to create job opportunities, says minister

Rural Development Minister Rina Harun dismisses concerns that the cancellation of the project will affect economic activity in the east coast.

‘Good chance’ of BN retaining Jerai, says Jamil Khir

The Jerai incumbent is confident the Chinese and Indian communities will not cast their votes for PAS.

No suitable jobs, so graduates become Uber drivers

Graduates say they are unable to get jobs suited to their education, so they work as Uber drivers where they are able to gain an income while operating independently.

IDEAS: Chinese investments may not mean high-skilled jobs for locals

Think tank says many jobs requiring higher skills at MCKIP project are occupied by Chinese workers brought in by investors.

Dismal number of jobs created in last 4 years

In the midst of the 1MDB controversy, only low- and lower middle-income jobs were created despite the push to become a high-income nation soon.

Malaysia-China projects will create 10,000 jobs but not all for locals

Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Chua Tee Yong says job opportunities for Malaysians was one of the requirements for 'some' of these projects.

When the blooded are thicker than water

With the flood of young doctors without guaranteed work, will they be too broke to even repay their bond, asks Sarawak DAP.

Malaysia records RM37.3b investments in Q1

Miti minister say it involves 1,271 projects that will create 39,990 job opportunities.