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Why remote work benefits your business

Your organisation needs to consider remote work and a flexible work schedule to remain relevant.

Use social data to find the best employers

Social data can give a job seeker important details when researching a potential employer.

Designing an interview process that predicts performance

If done right, interviews should only comprise a small part of the candidate selection process.

5 questions to ask if you want to change your job

When is it time for you to switch jobs or reinvent your current career path?

4 tips to be confident in your workplace

Here’s what can you do as an introvert to prepare yourself for the first day at work. 

7 work habits that are sabotaging your creativity

Working under constant tight deadlines, attending back to back meetings and insisting on being a perfectionist will do you more harm than good on the job.

An introvert’s guide to a new job

Here’s what can you do as an introvert to prepare yourself for the first day at work.

Top companies hiring during Merdeka month this year

Here are 10 companies with vacancies just waiting to be filled.

Hire for soft or hard skills?

There’s a place for both hard skills and soft skills in the workplace. Find the right combination for success.

What to do after varsity: Fresh grads, listen up

Leave your sense of entitlement at the door because landing a first job requires marketable skills and a realistic approach to salary.

US job creation roars in December, says survey

The survey comes a day before Washington is due to release its more closely-watched monthly report.

IT, O&G record strong growth in online hiring

However, other sectors such as banking, financial services and the insurance industry recorded a decline.

How to improve your resume outside of school

Getting a part-time job while studying as well as volunteering in charities or joining student societies show potential employers just how well-rounded you are.

7 ways your office job is destroying your body

The sedentary posture you assume while sitting at your desk, coupled with stressful working conditions and long hours could be killing your health and body.

How to stick to a job that sucks and still enjoy...

Whatever your reasons for staying in a job you despise, there are survival tips you can put to use to help you get through the end of each excruciating day.

Lost your job? Here are 8 tips to help keep you...

From getting financial help to renegotiating your loan repayments and consolidating your debts, there are many ways to weather the storm.

When your ‘ability’ determines your affordability rating

It is your choice to ensure that you have the ability to generate income over time so you can afford to buy your desired piece of property.

Despite closure risk, Tealive staff optimistic on keeping jobs

This follows the Court of Appeal’s injunction order against the bubble milk tea operator from carrying out a similar business as Chatime.

Two schools to tap talents of young innovators coming up

The schools, one public and the other private, aim to provide youngsters with innovative minds and the right exposure and support to fulfil their potential, says Malaysia Digital Economy Corp.

On Xmas, family of 4 sleeps on concrete floor after eviction

Family forced by landlord to move out yesterday after failing to pay RM900 in three months' rent.

Experts give tips on how jobless grads can find work

Only one out of every five degrees actually valued highly, they warn.

Run a business on the side, fresh grads told

The days of a secure job are gone, so you have to look after Number 1 with a Number 2 job, says financial planner Robert Foo.

‘You can’t talk, you can’t bite or swallow and you shake’

Parkinson's sufferers describe the disease as a 'horrible' one that makes them moody and unsociable if they are still working.

Malaysians finding it tough to get jobs

Jobsite survey reveals 80.6 per cent of respondents find landing a job a challenge, but believe long term prospects are positive.