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Ford to close Wales plant in Sept 2020

Ford's decision should it close its plant in Cardiff will be a 'hammer blow' to more than 1,500 workers who depend on the business to get by the day.

Thousands to lose jobs as British Steel collapses

British Steel faces a full compulsory liquidation after talks between the government and its owners failed to rescue the company from its financial collapse.

Step down voluntarily, Kadir Jasin tells non-performing ministers, CMs

The prime minister's special adviser on media and communications further adds it is also the rakyat's responsibility to ask them to reconsider their positions.

Putrajaya wants to send blue-collar workers to Japan

Report says government looking to sign agreement with Tokyo which could potentially create up to 50,000 jobs for Malaysians.

Labour Day Cabinet meeting to discuss job creation, says minister

Ministers have been told to table policy papers related to creating jobs, improving the lives of the people at special Cabinet meeting tomorrow.

MISC expects to secure more jobs this year

The shipping company had bid for jobs worth US$6 billion in the first quarter of 2019.

For new grads, job market is less than rosy

Unionist hopes mega projects will create more jobs, while employers federation expects new hires to be mostly on contract.

Having the right degrees and skills to face Industry 4.0

APU is developing Industry 4.0-relevant programmes that are the first-of-its-kind - Cyber Security, Data Science, IoT, Intelligent Systems and Cloud Computing.

Expect more to be jobless until end 2020, says employers’ body

MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan says local graduates need to upgrade their skills if they want to be employed, noting that the economy will continue to be sluggish.

The move from STEM to STREAM will boost employment

With the shift from STEM to STREAM, as well as the introduction of 'streamless' schools, our education system will help develop the soft skills that employers want.

TVET good option for furthering studies and getting jobs, says Kula

He says involvement of the Chinese and Indian communities in TVET is rather lukewarm, standing at 1% and 5% only respectively.

‘Sick and tired’, Warisan rep stands firm on controversial FB post

Moyog assemblyman Jenifer Lasimbang says while she is willing to do many things for the people, giving jobs to unemployed graduates is not one of them.

7 tips to enhance your LinkedIn profile and boost a job...

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated, smartly presented and briefly outlines your accomplishments. Use the LinkedIn tools provided too.

Stop pushing STEM and giving false hopes to the young

Pure science graduates are a frustrated lot as they can’t get jobs or research opportunities, so the government should first make available sufficient jobs or career opportunities before promoting STEM.

UK unemployment rate hits 44-year low

Economists say the labour market update painted a bright picture, despite a slowing economy with Britain scheduled to leave the EU next week.

Labour market to remain stable for 2019, says research house

Most of the job vacancies in 2018 were contributed by the manufacturing, agriculture, services and construction sectors, says MIDF Research.

Forum on jobs for youths in Sarawak on Saturday

It will also discuss challenges faced by job-seekers.

Groups, politicians voice concern over racial bias in private sector hiring

They say recruitment should be based on merit and not on racial considerations, with some suggesting the introduction of an equal opportunity law.

Top financial red flags when dating someone new

Money can be one of the biggest generators of problems, arguments, and resentment in long-term relationships if not handled correctly at the very start.

Unplanned urbanisation may lift India, Indonesia consumer shares

Urban migration is a major long-term opportunity for stock investors in two of Asia’s fastest growing economies, India and Indonesia.

Assistant minister claims ‘full employment’ in Sarawak

He slams MTUC's claim that the state government has failed to create jobs for youths.

Tackle sensitive structural issues to succeed, G25 tells EAC

The NGO notes that no progress had been made in past attempts at reform because previous governments had caved in to pressure when implementing politically sensitive reforms.

Be yourself and you’ll get the job, HR expert tells jobseekers

Clayton Tan says sometimes resumes are written by career centres which also coach applicants on how to answer questions but when successful applicants start work, their true worth is out in the open.

No-deal Brexit ‘could cost 600,000 jobs worldwide’

Some 103,000 jobs would be under threat in Europe's largest economy Germany and 50,000 in France.