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Jokowi says Wiranto incident must never happen again

Indonesian leader tightens security after knife attack left security minister requiring surgery.

Indonesian police in hot pursuit of suspects after IS-linked attack

Authorities target extremist network behind assassination attempt on ex-army chief.

IS radical stabs ex-Indonesian army chief Wiranto

Former general Wiranto stable in hospital, couple arrested.

Indonesia to open doors to more foreign investment, says Jokowi

Indonesia plans to lessen its tight labour rules on foreign companies.

Jokowi ready to talk independence with Papuan separatists

Indonesian president’s offer comes after seven weeks of massive riots in West Papua.

Jokowi tells police to be gentle to protesters

2 students died in violent clash with police, inviting widespread criticism.

Jokowi timbang batal undang-undang anti rasuah selepas protes pelajar

Puluhan ribu menyertai perhimpunan terbesar sejak protes pelajar 1998 yang menumbangkan bekas presiden Suharto.

Jokowi arah undang-undang seks luar nikah ditangguh

Presiden Indonesia menyeru parlimen pertimbangkan undang-undang itu dengan lebih lanjut susulan bantahan orang ramai.

Hutan terbakar: Dr M tak tahu kenapa Jokowi tak sedia terima...

Malaysia mahu membantu Indonesia menangani kebakaran hutan kerana mempunyai peralatan pengeboman air.

Named graft suspect, Indonesia sports minister resigns

Imam Nahrawi accused of taking 26.5 billion rupiah in bribes.

Indonesian parliament passes controversial revisions to law on anti-graft agency

The Corruption Eradication Commission has become one of the country's most respected agencies.

Indonesia inches closer to outlawing child marriage

Indonesia is among the 10 countries with the highest number of child brides where one in every seven girls is married before the age of 18.

Jokowi denies compromising fight against graft

Some of the reforms to Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission have alarmed anti-corruption activists.

Awasi hidupan liar, hutan, pakar beritahu Sabah susulan rancangan Indonesia pindah...

Baru-baru ini, Presiden Indonesia Joko Widodo mengumumkan bahawa ibu negara baru itu kemungkinan besar ditempatkan di daerah Penajam Paser Utara dan Kutai Kertanegara di Borneo.

Indonesia’s Jokowi urges calm after violent protests in Papua cities

The latest protest was apparently sparked off by the detention of Papuan students in Surabaya accused of bending a flagpole in front of a dormitory during Independence Day celebrations, activists say.

Jokowi eyes highest Indonesia growth since 2013 amid risks

Southeast Asia’s largest economy is forecast to grow 5.3% next year.

Indonesia’s Widodo formally proposes relocating capital to Borneo

Indonesian President Joko Widodo made the proposal during his state of the union speech at parliament, a day before the country celebrates its 74th independence anniversary.

Jokowi moots cooperation or even merger of Petronas, Pertamina

The Indonesian president says the two state oil companies should collaborate or even combine to become a big enterprise with more capacity, capital and equity.

Dr M pandu Proton bawa Jokowi makan tengah hari

Pada Feb 2015, Dr Mahathir pernah memandu uji sebuah kereta Proton dengan Jokowi di litar uji Sepang.

Indonesia eyes Borneo forest area to replace capital city

With easy access to two international airports, it also meets the main criteria for the new capital set by President Jokowi, including being largely free from risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods.

Indonesia’s Jokowi threatens to sack fire fighters if forest blazes not...

The president notes complaints about haze are once again making headlines in neighbouring countries.

Jokowi bashes state power company over blackouts

Jakarta, the centre of government and business in Indonesia, suffers periodic blackouts that are usually short-lived and confined to certain areas.

Indonesia’s Aceh whips 2 men, women for breaking shariah law

Calls have been made for Aceh to drop its harsh shariah law, however in the conservative state, it receives wide support.

Jokowi courts Softbank, Saudi Prince in pursuit of investment

President Joko Widodo is trying to attract more business from abroad to partly ensure more resilient financing for the current account deficit.