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Pilpres Indonesia: Prabowo belum mengaku kalah, fail petisyen di Mahkamah Konstitusi

Lebih 500 petugas Pemilu dilaporkan meninggal dunia kerana 'kepenatan' dan serangan jantung dalam mengendalikan proses Pemilu 2019.

Indonesian troops flood Jakarta streets after post-election riots

Indonesian troops are on standby in Jakarta as a deadline for a presidential challenger to file an appeal for cheating in its recently Presidential elections is underway.

Wisma Putra minta jauhi lokasi demo di Indonesia susulan rusuhan

Terdapat kemungkinan tunjuk perasaan besar-besaran di Jakarta dan kota-kota lain di Indonesia.

Indonesia next in line for Asia’s election bump

Indonesia's recent elections results in the Jakarta Composite Index rising 1.5% amidst a trade war between the United States and China.

Jokowi wins second term as president

Amid fears about unrest and street demonstrations in response to the final count, the final tally was released early with little advance notice.

Jokowi win to boost education and healthcare providers

Jokowi will have a lot of fiscal space available in the second term as the country’s debt-to-gross domestic product ratio is low at about 30%.

Indonesia plans to move capital out of Java

Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro says the Indonesian cabinet has yet to decide where to move the capital to.

Indonesia election fraud allegations are ‘baseless’, says security minister

Chief Security Minister Wiranto says the election had been conducted peacefully and in a transparent manner.

Indonesian leader points to reelection victory as rival rejects results

Joko Widodo wins the Indonesian general election, but Prabowo Subianto says he's won.

Prabowo claims widespread cheating in election

Joko Widodo claims victory, but Prabowo Subianto alleged cheating had took place across the country during this week's polls.

Indonesia warns against unrest as Widodo rival rejects results

National Police Chief Tito Karnavian urges Indonesians to refrain from mass demonstrations.

Indonesian stocks, rupiah climb as Jokowi wins second term

Jakarta Composite Index rose as much as 2.4% before paring back to 0.8% climb. Rupiah gained 0.4% to 14,030 against the dollar, the strongest in almost two months.

Jokowi on track to retain presidency

Based on data collected at polling stations Jokowi was holding a strong lead.

Polls close in Indonesia

The winning presidential candidate could be known by late on Wednesday, though official results will not come until May.

Indonesia jalani pengundian sehari terbesar di dunia

Lebih 245,000 calon yang disokong 16 parti politik nasional dan 4 parti tempatan berentap bagi merebut lebih 20,000 kerusi dalam pilihan raya hari ini.

Indonesians vote in world’s biggest one-day election

Most opinion polls give Joko Widodo a double-digit lead, but the opposition says the race is much closer.

Halal ink: Muslim-majority Indonesia set for polls

Voters will punch holes in ballots – to make clear their candidate choice – and then dip a finger in Muslim-approved halal ink, a measure to prevent double-voting.

Thousands of Indonesians in Malaysia cast their votes in national election

Smooth polling at consulates and embassy in presidential elections between Jokowi and Prabowo.

Polis terima 2 laporan kertas undi PRU Indonesia ditemui di Kajang

Ketua Polis Selangor, Noor Azam Jamaludin berkata, kes itu masih dalam siasatan.

Kertas undi Indonesia ditemui di Selangor mungkin jejas proses undi

Kira-kira 300 beg plastik berisi kertas undi bertanda dikatakan ditemui di Sungai Tangkas di Bangi dan Taman Kajang Utama.

How investors can prepare for a surprise Indonesia poll outcome

The odds of Prabowo Subianto upsetting incumbent Joko Widodo in the April 17 election have risen as the campaign heats up with a recent pre-poll survey showing the president’s chances of winning below 50%.

Indonesian president’s coalition to win parliament majority, says survey

Indonesia is holding simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections on April 17.

Indonesian leader’s ally arrested in graft case as polls loom

Widodo is leading polls in the race for the presidency against challenger Prabowo Subianto, a former military general.

Polls show Indonesian president holds lead ahead of April election

Widodo appears to be enjoying an advantage as the incumbent with recent surveys showing him likely to win about 55% of the vote.