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Jakarta kembali tenang, perniagaan kembali beroperasi

Polis berkata 7 perusuh terbunuh dan 9 anggota keselamatan cedera dalam rusuhan di Jakarta.

Police fire tear gas to disperse crowds after Indonesia confirms president’s re-election

Indonesian police fired tear gas as some protesters hurled fireworks and other objects at officers in riot gear in a main street in the capital.

Jokowi wins second term as president

Amid fears about unrest and street demonstrations in response to the final count, the final tally was released early with little advance notice.

Lokasi ibu negara baru Indonesia dimuktamad tahun ini

Kerajaan sedang memuktamadkan kajian untuk menentukan projek pecah tanah boleh dimulakan pada 2020 atau 2021 dan siap sepenuhnya menjelang 2024.

Jokowi win to boost education and healthcare providers

Jokowi will have a lot of fiscal space available in the second term as the country’s debt-to-gross domestic product ratio is low at about 30%.

Jokowi wants Indonesians to have say picking new capital city

Jokowi mulls US$33 billion move for Indonesia capital outside Java.

Jokowi dahului Prabowo dengan 9.6 juta undi

Pemerhati politik berkata, kelebihan itu memudahkan Jokowi mempertahankan jawatan presiden Indonesia untuk penggal ke-2.

Erti kemenangan Jokowi pada politik Malaysia

Prabowo Subianto diketengahkan sebagai calon yang kuat membela Islam, sementara Joko Widodo digambarkan mewakili rakyat Indonesia yang kurang dari segi keagamaan Islam.

Indonesia warns against unrest as Widodo rival rejects results

National Police Chief Tito Karnavian urges Indonesians to refrain from mass demonstrations.

Jokowi on track to retain presidency

Based on data collected at polling stations Jokowi was holding a strong lead.

Indonesians to vote in world’s biggest single-day election

Nearly 500,000 police and military will fan out across the vast archipelago to safeguard the vote.

After reality check, Indonesia’s “new face” in politics seeks second term

Jokowi has had to fend off smear campaigns suggesting he is anti-Islam, a communist or in debt to China, all damaging accusations in the Muslim-majority country.

Jokowi’s poll fight shows Indonesia’s Islam identity crisis

Questions of religious identity have become an increasing political issue in Indonesia, which was founded on secular ideals to unite a diverse archipelago stretching across three time zones.

Indonesia’s Jokowi can make a final term count

With a stronger hand this time round, he can tackle pricklier issues that will charge a sluggish economy, and his legacy.

Rakyat Indonesia pilih antara Jokowi dengan Prabowo 17 April depan

711 kerusi menjadi rebutan dalam Majelis Permusyarawatan Rakyat yang terdiri daripada 575 anggota Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat dan 136 Dewan Perwakilan Daerah.

Jokowi gambles on rural voters as discontent grows in cities

A second term for Jokowi is likely to see more money being allotted to the poor.

Indonesia may be next Asian country to spurn China in election

The US$6 billion project will be the first time an Asian country has adapted China's high speed rail standards.

Handout plans for Indonesia’s unemployed could spark backlash for Jokowi

The country's employment ranks among southeast Asia's highest, and makes up about 5% of the population.

Jokowi vows US$30 billion transfer to Indonesian villages if re-elected

There has been debate over the effectiveness of the programme, called Village Funds, while there are also concerns about how the transfers can fuel corruption.

Indonesian presidential candidates spar over corruption, law in debate

Candidates and their running mates for the April 17 election were questioned over human rights, corruption and terrorism im the world's fourth most populous country.

Jokowi challenger moots Trump’s tax cut formula to spur economy

Subianto and his running mate Sandiaga Uno will lower company and individual taxes by between 5 and 8 percentage points over five years.

Jokowi calls for vigilance over global economic risks

The Indonesian president wantsglobal central bankers and finance ministers to remain committed to cooperation and to 'nudge their leaders in the right direction' to support the world's economy.

Jokowi says ‘everyone must be found’ as scale of Indonesia quake...

Most of the bodies have not been claimed but some relatives turned up to pay respects to loved ones at the 50m trench, where the smell of decomposition was overpowering.

Indonesia calls for international help to deal with quake-tsunami

Dozens of aid agencies and NGOs have lined up to provide live-saving assistance as Jakarta struggles to come to terms with the sheer scale of the disaster.