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Functional training: Is it better than traditional gym machines?

Functional training bases its ethos on taking people away from using gym machines to throwing around medicine balls, or jumping onto boxes.

Juicing for optimal training performance

It requires the proper knowledge and discipline to practise proper juicing.

Making a vegan diet as healthy as that of a carnivore’s

Since it's not always easy getting appropriate amounts of certain nutrients from a vegan diet, supplementation is much more efficient.

Creatine: Why the hype?

Here's why the little known creatine is a crucial fitness supplement for muscle growth.

Going vegan the smart and healthy way

Vegans must ensure they are getting adequate amounts of Omega-3s, calcium and iron in their plant-based diet.

Omega-3: Why it’s healthy and how best to consume it

Find out what Omega-3 fatty acids are, why you should be consuming it, and how to do it right.

Weight loss or muscle gain: Which is easier to achieve?

This article details all the right components needed to ensure weight loss and why it's far harder to achieve than gaining muscle.

The secret exercise for fat loss

It requires the proper knowledge and discipline to exercise for weight loss.

Weight loss: How does ‘calorie balance’ work?

Learn the science behind weight loss and the importance of having an experienced personal trainer take you through it from start to finish.

Revealed! The secret on how to grow muscle

Here is the basic science behind how personal trainers structure training so that you can increase your muscle mass.

Are you getting your free vitamin D from the sun?

Among many other functions, exposure to the sun is crucial for a good night’s sleep.

Habits holding back your diet progress

Change how you look at breakfast and beware the evils of consuming high-carb and processed foods any time of the day.

Perfecting the process of sleep

Consume tryptophan and carbs, watch your metabolism with Vitamin B6 and be mindful of Taurine and Glycine production.

3 sure fire ways to sleep like a King (or Queen)

Exercise, drenching your bedroom with the right amount of light and timing when you sleep are important to getting a good night’s sleep.

5 reasons why a good night’s sleep is so important

It requires a good night’s sleep for your brain and body to rebuild and reboot.

Part 5: Intermittent fasting – Tips on getting the best results

Learn how to fight hunger and break a 16-hour fast the right way.

Part 4: Intermittent fasting – what are the alternatives?

If sticking to fasting every day for 16 hours isn't for you, try fasting only twice a week, or every other month.

Part 3: Intermittent fasting – 16:8 for those who like routine

This is great if you observe a regular lifestyle and routine as you can eat through an eight-hour window in your day, and fast for 16.

Part 2: Intermittent Fasting – healthy reasons to try it

Here's your chance to liberate yourself from food dependency and give your health a great boost too.

Part 1: Intermittent fasting – yay or nay?

It requires the proper knowledge and discipline to practise intermittent fasting.

Is the ketogenic diet for you?

Keto dieting can be an effective temporary fat loss tool and a brilliant way of resetting one’s insulin sensitivity but may not be practical for most.

3 reasons why you need a personal trainer

A freelance personal trainer keeps you on track to achieving your fitness goals

Are carbohydrates and fat bad for you?

The only way carbs and fats are unhealthy is when you eat processed versions of either and the effects are worse if you consume both at the same time.

Meet insulin, your body’s most food-dependent hormone

Keeping insulin levels too high constantly can desensitise your cells to it and lead to pre-diabetic resistance.