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Kushner meets King of Jordan in push for US peace plan

The United States is expected to roll out the economic aspects of the peace plan at a conference in Bahrain next month.

Traumatised by conflict, animals find haven in Jordan

Two bears are among dozens of animals that have been rescued from regional war zones and brought to Jordan's Al Ma'wa For Nature and Wildlife.

Jordan loses ICC appeal over ex-Sudan president Bashir non-arrest

Despite two international warrants for his arrest, Omar al-Bashir freely attended an Arab League summit in Amman in March 2017.

Jordan seeks US$1 bil World Bank loan to cut debt burden

Jordan, whose public debt nearly equals economic output, has been hurt by the rise in global commodity prices.

Netanyahu hails Warsaw talks with Arab states as ‘turning point’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in high spirits as he declared the two-day, US-organised conference 'a historical turning point' during the opening dinner Wednesday night.

Ahli Parlimen wanita berjuang ubah nasib gadis bawah umur di Jordan

Wafa Bani Mustafa berjuang memansuhkan undang-undang yang ‘melepaskan’ perogol sekiranya mereka berkahwin dengan mangsa melalui perkahwinan bawah umur.

Shutdown over, US senate advances Middle East bill

The legislation imposes new sanctions to Syria as well as increase security for Israel and Jordan.

Jordan terima bekalan gas asli Mesir untuk jana elektrik

Perjanjian Mesir-Jordan awal Januari menyaksikan Mesir membekalkan separuh daripada keperluan gas Jordan bagi menjana pengeluaran tenaga pada 2019.

Shoot-out sees Vietnam beat Jordan, reach Asian Cup quarters

Vietnam levels six minutes after the break when Cong Phuong shows great technique to steer home a volley from close range.

Jordan king visits Iraq for first time in a decade

King Abdullah’s last trip to Iraq was in 2008 after Saddam Hussein was toppled in 2003.

Jordan, Perancis tegas konflik Israel-Palestin ancam keselamatan serantau

Kedua-dua negara percaya masalah yang berlarutan di Palestin boleh mengakibatkan krisis tercetus di rantau berkenaan.

Jordan kutuk Israel serbu Masjid Al-Aqsa

Jordan berkata tindakan itu adalah provokatif terhadap perasaan umat Islam seluruh dunia dan pencabulan terhadap komitmen Israel yang menduduki Baitulmaqdis.

Aussie horror show as Jordan stun Asian Cup champs

It left the injury-hit Aussies with much to ponder ahead of Friday's game against Palestine.

Israel protests after Jordan minister pictured stepping on flag

The 'flag' on the floor is to protest Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories.

From Biblical to revival: Jordan’s desert winemakers

Two Jordanian families aim to put wine from their desert land on the world viticultural map, reviving an age-old tradition that some suggest has Biblical heritage.

Floods in Jordan kill 11, force tourists to flee Petra

The latest deaths come after Oct 25 flash floods in the Dead Sea region of the kingdom killed 21 people.

First aid since January reaches displaced Syrians near Jordan border

The convoy included much-needed food, as well as health assistance.

Jordan flood death toll rises to 20, most of them school...

Most of the dead were schoolchildren aged 11 to 14 who were taking part in a school trip to the Dead Sea region when their bus was swept away by floodwaters.

Rescuers search for survivors after Jordan floods kill at least 18...

Neighbouring Israel sent search-and-rescue helicopters to assist, an Israeli military statement said, adding the team dispatched at Amman's request was operating on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea.

Jordan tells Israel it won’t renew lease over territory under peace...

King Abdullah told senior politicians the kingdom wanted to exercise its full sovereignty over the two areas.

Main border post between Jordan and Syria reopens after 3 years

The border crossing, known as Jaber on the Jordanian side and Nassib on the Syrian side, was a key trade route before Amman closed it after the post was overrun by rebels in April 2015.

Syria transport ministry says trade crossing with Jordan open

It had been sealed completely since rebels overran it in April 2015.

Philippines’ Duterte says ‘never again’ at Israel’s Holocaust memorial

Duterte is paying an official four-day visit to Israel, the first by a Philippines president, and officials on both sides have tried to play down his record of jarring invective.

Philippines’ Duterte eyes arms deals on Israel trip

The four-day visit to Israel will be the first by a Philippine leader in more than 60 years of diplomatic ties between the two nations, even though their links go back to Manila's sheltering of Jews during the Holocaust.