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PSC shouldn’t scrutinise appointments of judges, says lawyer

A Srimurugan says this is done by the Judicial Appointments Commission as judges are not public servants.

Provide guidelines to judges for sentencing, urges lawyer

Long jail term will be illogical while whipping beyond 24 times is against the law, says A Srimurugan.

AG says he is ‘not involved’ in RCI on alleged judicial...

Tommy Thomas says issues related to the RCI should be addressed to the ministers concerned.

Make right decisions without fear or favour, AG tells judges

Tommy Thomas says this is the only way for the judiciary to recover its glory and guard its credibility.

Ex-judge tells what judicial oath does and doesn’t mean

Gopal Sri Ram says judges must do their best to protect and defend the constitution, and to dispense justice without considering racial, religious or political beliefs.

Remember your judicial oath, new CJ reminds probationary judges

Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat says judicial commissioners must perform their duties with independence, impartiality and efficiency.

AG: Lawyer insinuated judges were corrupt in his articles

Tommy Thomas says two articles written by Arun Kasi that appeared on the Aliran website were an attack on the judiciary.

Malaysia shouldn’t have joined International Criminal Court

The ICC should be seen more as part of the western human-rights industry than a real court and does not have Asia's welfare at heart.

Cops record statements from 3 judges over judicial misconduct allegation

IGP says police also recorded a statement from Federal Court chief registrar Latifah Mohd Tahar over an allegation of wrongdoing in the judiciary.

Pick credible judges for apex court, say legal eagles

Apex court judges must come with unquestionable integrity and race should not be a consideration, say lawyers commenting on the impending retirement of several judges this year.

US top court delays litmus test on abortion

A 57% majority of Americans back women's right to seek abortions, but the hot-button issue cuts deeply along political and religious lines.

Judicial commission to discuss appointment of top judges

Chief Justice Richard Malanjum refuses to devulge details citing the Official Secrets Act.

US judge says Obamacare can stand while appeal is heard

Opposition Democrats view Obamacare as a signature achievement of former president Barack Obama.

Lots to do for judiciary to regain past glory, say legal...

They say Malaysian rulings are no longer referred to by other Asean countries as some local judges don't even understand the subject matter of dispute.

Why are senior judges not elevated, asks Bar

Its vice-president Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor says this may invite an adverse perception of the judiciary as a whole.

CJ moots time limit for oral submissions to speed up appeals

Richard Malanjum says lawyers must get the attention of judges in the first five minutes and convince them with an oral submission.

Don’t be ‘yes men’, dissenting judgments ok, chief justice tells judges

Richard Malanjum says judges should have no qualms about making dissenting judgments as this has its benefits.

Parliament must stay out of judges’ appointments, says Bar

The Malaysian Bar says judicial appointments should ultimately rest with the Judicial Appointments Commission which reports directly to the Agong.

Kit Siang moots amnesty programme, with conditions for ‘kleptocrats’

DAP supremo says while those who turned Malaysia into 'global kleptocracy' must be brought to justice, an amnesty programme may be prudent in moving forward.

G25 says ‘no’ to screening of potential judges by Parliament

The group of former prominent civil servants says the appointment of judges should be left to the Judicial Appointments Commission.

Ambiga: Parliament shouldn’t interfere in appointment of judges

The former Bar president says this would violate the doctrine of separation of powers, and suggests that the JAC be made a constitutional body to recommend judges instead.

Federal Court seeks clarification on ex-top judges’ appointments

Malaysian Bar invited to assist seven-member Federal Court bench reach a decision.

Set up RCI to probe judicial interference claim, urges Karpal’s son

Ramkarpal Singh says allegation points to serious decay in judiciary which cannot be allowed to continue at all costs.

Bar: Wrong to say lawyers who didn’t rap previous govt cannot...

Malaysian Bar challenges statement by lawyer Haniff Khatri Abdullah that lawyers do not have the “moral right” to be appointed Federal Court judges because many remained silent during the Najib Razak reign.