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Deliver apex court judgments speedily, urge ex-judge, Bar

Former Federal Court judge Gopal Sri Ram is also suggesting that the law be amended to allow litigants the option to have a rehearing or accept decisions from a reduced panel of judges.

Don’t be ‘yes men’, dissenting judgments ok, chief justice tells judges

Richard Malanjum says judges should have no qualms about making dissenting judgments as this has its benefits.

Lawyer: Amend laws to punish ‘senior judges’ meddling in judgments

Recent revelations have shown there are no provisions in the constitution and other related laws to look into complaints being made against anyone holding administrative positions in the judiciary, says lawyer Arun Kasi.

Lawyers: Top two judges’ early departure won’t affect court rulings

Courts of Judicature Act allows for a minimum of two judges to deliver the judgments of a panel, say Syed Iskandar Syed Jaafar Al Mahdzar and S N Nair.

Court judgments now online for everyone to read

Chief Justice Raus Sharif says this will make the public better appreciate the reasoning employed in reported judgments before coming to their own conclusions.

Extension to judges must be given sparingly, says ex-Bar chief

The rationale for allowing the six-month extension after mandatory retirement age is to allow judges to complete their written judgments, says Param Cumaraswamy.

Late judgments a denial of justice, say lawyers

It is paramount for judges to provide their written grounds expeditiously as parties who have lost their cases will want to know the reasons, says Syed Iskandar Syed Jaafar al-Mahdzar.

Ex-judge cites 3 reasons why Court of Appeal judgments delayed, suggests...

Gopal Sri Ram says the judiciary must urgently remedy the problem of late judgment delivery as the COA is the engine of the judicature.

Poor judgments a reflection of today’s judiciary, says ex-judge

The legal foundation of some of the judges who come from the Judicial and Legal Service is very weak and, in some cases, non-existent, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Law expert: Recent refreshing apex court ruling could be short lived

Going by precedent, judgments that establish legal principles can be set aside, says Gurdial Singh Nijar, reminding the legal fraternity not to be too happy with recent landmark decision that restored judicial power to courts.

‘Prepare draft of judgment from first day of hearing’

Retired chief justice Zaki Azmi offers tips to judges on writing judgments and warns them against procrastinating.

Lawyer: Judiciary to blame for case that took 10 years to...

Lawyer V Sithambaram says a housewife, sentenced to death, should have been acquitted because of the five-year delay by a judge to prepare written grounds, and the overall 10-year delay.

Written grounds from High Courts need improvement

Arifin Zakaria not fully satisfied with quality of judgments, says judges and commissioners not up to mark are sent for courses by the Judicial Appointments Commission.

Have courage to pen dissenting judgment, Sultan Nazrin says

Citing landmark minority cases from US and UK, Perak ruler says it is the brave dissenting voice that later transforms into law.