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Tag: Juhar Mahiruddin

Juhar dilantik gabenor Sabah penggal ke-3, selepas had 2 penggal mansuh

DUN Sabah baru-baru ini meluluskan pindaan Rang Undang-undang Perlembagaan Negeri Sabah bagi menghapuskan tempoh perkhidmatan Yang Dipertua Negeri Sabah yang dihadkan kepada 2 penggal.

Juhar receives appointment letter as head of Sabah for 3rd term

Juhar Mahiruddin becomes Yang di-Pertua Negeri for a third term following a revision of the Sabah constitution removing the two-term limit.

Sabah lifts two-term limit for governor

Chief Minister Shafie Apdal says keeping the term limit would have downgraded the prestige of the governor's institution.

NGO files complaint with MACC over rumoured extension of governor’s term

Gerakan Kuasa Rakyat Malaysia says the NGO is concerned that the reported move is to 'reward' Juhar Mahiruddin for his role in ensuring Shafie Apdal is made chief minister.

There’s a clamour for Sabah governor’s job, says activist

Zainnal Ajamain sees state seeking to stabilise the situation by extending Juhar Mahiruddin's term.

Cops to wrap up criminal intimidation probe on Musa Aman soon

Sabah police chief Omar Mammah says they have been kept busy abiding by instructions from attorney-general whenever they submit investigation papers on probe.

1,158 to receive honours in Sabah tomorrow

The list includes federal ministers Darell Leiking and Mohamad Din Ketapi as well as all Sabah state ministers.

More interviews needed to wrap up Musa’s criminal intimidation probe

Outgoing Sabah police chief Ramli Din says the AG’s Chambers has instructed the police to gather more information in connection with the case.

Polis ambil keterangan Musa di hospital, kata peguam

Amer Hamzah Arshad berkata, anak guamnya masih menerima rawatan di sebuah hospital swasta di Subang Jaya.

DPP’s office to get Musa probe papers on Monday, says top...

Mohamad Fuzi Harun says the investigation into former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman is being carried out according to the law.

Investigation papers on Musa Aman ready soon, says police chief

Sabah police commissioner Ramli Din says the papers have been referred to the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

Borneo Today got its headline wrong, says Musa’s lawyer

Tengku Fuad Tengku Ahmad says Sabah online portal’s headline on Musa Aman’s court case 'is totally misconceived and inaccurate'.

Shafie tak takut saman Musa berhubung jawatan ketua menteri

Ketua Menteri Sabah itu berkata sidang DUN sudah berjalan dengan lancar dan dihadiri oleh ahli pembangkang.

Musa Aman: Saya bukan pelarian, saya berubat di UK

Bekas ketua menteri Sabah itu berkata beliau sedia memberi kerjasama dalam siasat polis dan telah memfailkan saman terhadap Shafie Apdal dan TYT Sabah.

Come forward and help in probe, Sabah police urge Musa

Sabah police commissioner Ramli Din says Musa Aman needs to come forward to assist in investigations following the police report lodged against him by the state governor.

Musa drops lawsuit but files originating summons

The Sabah BN chief had filed a suit against the governor and Chief Minister Shafie Apdal and sought a declaration that he was the lawful chief minister.

Shafie files application to strike out Musa’s lawsuit

Sabah chief minister says the suit by Musa is 'scandalous, frivolous and vexatious' and an abuse of the court process.

Musa Aman denies intimidating Sabah Governor

But Sabah BN chairman 'regrets' that Juhar Mahiruddin has been dragged into a legal suit.

Police seeking Musa Aman over criminal intimidation probe

Sabah police chief Ramli Din says police are trying to get Musa Aman's statement, but no arrest warrant has been issued.

Selepas saman Musa, gabenor Sabah lapor polis

Juhar Mahiruddin dipercayai membuat laporan polis terhadap Musa Aman.

Group credits Musa Aman for recognising role of journos

Several reporters and editors were conferred Sabah state awards and honours during the Head of State’s birthday celebrations this year.