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Tag: Junichiro Hironaka

Ghosn set for release as court rebuffs prosecutors’ appeal

A Tokyo court authorised Ghosn’s release on a US$8.9 million bond.

Ghosn lawyer optimistic on bail, pursuing different strategy to previous team

Ghosn's new layer, Junichiro Hironaka, is confident Ghosn could be released in the near future.

Ghosn’s new lawyer says prisoner is victim of Nissan conspiracy

Lawyer Junichiro Hironaka believes that Ghosn's arrest was the result of a conspiracy inside the automaker.

Ghosn’s ‘Razor’ takes aim at Nissan and prosecutors

Ghosn stands accused of underreporting compensation spanning eight years to the tune of US$82 million.

Ghosn seeks punchier defence with legal team shake-up

The new man in charge, Junichiro Hironaka, retains an enviable record of securing acquittals for high-profile clients - beating the odds in a system where almost every trial ends in a conviction.