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Sabah agricultural action plan to boost income of farmers, landowners

Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Junz Wong says the plan will ensure no land is left idle.

Sabah minister blames low audit rating on past mismanagement

Junz Wong says he noticed his ministry's inefficiencies upon taking over last year.

Sabah minister urges boycott of ‘bombed fish’

Junz Wong says when the buying stops, the practice of fish bombing will stop as well.

Tiada masalah SB hadir sidang media jika perkenal diri, kata Warisan

Ketua Polis Negara, Abdul Hamid Bador sebelum ini mempertahankan kehadiran anggota SB ke acara kerajaan dengan berkata tujuan mereka ke situ adalah bagi memastikan keselamatan dan kesejahteraan awam.

SB tetap ke sidang media Warisan demi jaga keselamatan, kata polis

Ketua polis negara berkata, polis akan menghormati parti politik dengan tidak menghantar anggota SB ke perbincangan tertutup mereka.

Warisan: Tiada perbincangan untuk bolehkan PPBM masuk Sabah

Naib Presiden Junz Wong berkata kedua-dua parti mempunyai suatu persefahaman iaitu PPBM tidak akan bertapak di negeri itu.

Warisan: No talks for PPBM to enter Sabah

Warisan vice-president Junz Wong says there is an understanding that PPBM will not step foot in state.

Don’t reinstate cabotage policy, says Warisan

Warisan veep Junz Wong says the abolition of cabotage policy has helped reduce cost of goods, thus lowering the cost of doing business and living costs in Sabah.

Why teach about 1MDB but not MA63, ask Sabah leaders

They urge the education ministry to include the Malaysia Agreement 1963 in the history texbooks.

Sabah deserves better, says state minister of Budget 2019 allocation

Sabah minister Junz Wong says Budget 2019 is not even close to what Sabah expects and deserves.

Sabah govt cancels expansion of shrimp farm

Billion-ringgit Pitas Shrimp Project won't be given extra 400ha of mangrove land promised by the previous government.

Sabah bans public from bringing dogs, cats to prevent rabies

Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Junz Wong says the authorities have stepped up checks at border crossings after an outbreak in Sarawak.

Stop foreign fishermen from entering Sabah waters, says minister

Junz Wong says the ministry has received complaints of foreign vessels in Sabah's waters, and urges the authorities to act on the matter.

Wong denies bird flu in Sabah due to ministry’s negligence

Sabah Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Junz Wong says his ministry has been much stricter than the previous administration.

Bird flu fears: Minister says enough chickens for festivity

State veterinary department confirmed a third case of the disease in Tuaran.

Sabah to build RM200 mil fish landing port

State Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Junz Wong says the government will shift the landing site for fishing vessels from the current jetty in Kota Kinabalu to an integrated fish landing port in Kibagu, Sepanggar.

Warisan: Increase number of seats in Chinese-majority areas in Sabah

Vice-president Junz Wong says any review into the 13 new state seats for Sabah should include this proposal.

Technical team to look into reviving Sabah Padi Board

Agriculture minister Junz Wong says land use and tenure, irrigation, new techniques and other factors will be considered.

No proof of bird flu in chicken deaths, says Sabah minister

Junz Wong says tests will be done to determine the actual cause.

Jeffrey Kitingan mulls motion on Sabah’s rights

However, the Sabah opposition leader believes the state government should be given a chance to resolve the Malaysia Agreement issue.

NGO wants official announcement on axing of Tanjung Aru project

The multi-billion ringgit project is currently on hold pending a decision from the new state government.

Jangan kritik jika tak faham rancangan BRT, Rahman beritahu Warisan

Rahman Dahlan berkata idea Naib Presiden Warisan Junz Wong untuk guna bas mini tidak akan selesaikan masalah pengangkutan awam di Kota Kinabalu.

Don’t criticise if you don’t understand BRT plan, Warisan told

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Rahman Dahlan says Warisan vice-president Junz Wong’s idea of using minibuses will not solve the public transport problem in Kota Kinabalu.

Warisan pledges to dump BN’s ‘pricey’ BRT for minibus system

Junz Wong disagrees with federal minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s suggestion that Sabahans fork out higher fares for improved public transport.