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Tag: Justice

HK violence is ‘life-threatening’, claim police, citing bomb explosion

Law enforcers are speaking up after an officer’s neck was slashed, an explosive was detonated.  

S. Korea minister quits over privileges afforded to his family

Resignation comes amidst investigations, public protests.

US Supreme Court kicks off potentially explosive session

The court's rulings will be closely watched by rival political camps.

Junz Wong’s 2014 suspension from assembly unlawful, declares court

He was suspended for six months for sensationalising and misleading the House on a crime reported in a newspaper.

Controversial ex-South American football boss dies

Nicolas Leoz died of heart failure in a hospital in Paraguay.

Atletico’s Costa to pay €1.7 mil to settle tax fraud case

Diego Costa is the latest footballer to fall foul of Spain’s tax authorities.

Manchester bomber’s brother appears in UK court charged with murder

Hashem Abedi’s lawyer says he will be denying the charges against him.

Families file suit in bizarre US mistaken identity case

The Bennett and Brittman families are filing lawsuits against the Chicago Police Department and Mercy Hospital claiming negligence.

US federal judge blocks indefinite detention of asylum seekers

A federal judge in Seattle rules that Attorney General Barr's decree infringed on the US constitution.

Thailand imposing facial recognition for Muslim-majority south

An Army spokesman defends the move saying the facial identification scheme is needed to root out insurgents deploying mobile phone-detonated home-made bombs.

Missouri denies license to US state’s sole abortion clinic

Missouri lawmakers passed a bill last month banning abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy including in cases of rape and incest.

Verdict expected in mass Turkey trial of ‘coup ringleaders’

Of the suspects, 176 are in jail while 35 have been freed pending trial and 13 suspects including Gulen are still sought for arrest, according to state news agency Anadolu.

Amanda Knox: An advocate for the wrongfully convicted

Knox returns to Italy for the first time since her acquittal to speak at a conference on wrongful convictions in Modena.

Trump says would take foreign info on 2020 presidential opponent

'An American President should not seek their aid and abet those who seek to undermine democracy,' Biden says on Twitter.

Court rules abortion services can continue in Missouri, for now

Judge Michael Stelzer ordered that the clinic's license 'shall not expire and shall remain in effect until a ruling on petitioner's request for preliminary injunction'.

French families sue Boeing over Ethiopian Airlines disaster

The families have accused Boeing of putting profit over safety.

Guaido blasts Maduro over opposition crackdown

Guido spoke out after opposition lawmakers Richard Blanco, Mariela Magallanes and Americo De Grazia sought refuge in the Argentine and Italian embassies in Caracas.

If Karpal Singh were alive, he’d have whacked PH

Those who knew the Tiger of Jelutong will be very happy that he has been acquitted of a sedition charge, for Karpal Singh was a patriot, a true son of the soil.

US diocese, bishop sued over employing known paedophiles

Michael Bransfield was dismissed in September following allegations of sexual harassment against adults.

Late Karpal’s sedition appeal chance to review draconian law, says lawyer

We will raise all factual and legal points for appraisal by the Federal Court, says lawyer Ramkarpal Singh.

An eye for an eye will leave Malaysians blind

While the country mourns Adib's sad demise, the Muslim Malays can turn it into a golden opportunity to showcase to all Malaysians and the world at large the glory and beauty of Islam, as a religion of mercy to mankind.

Indonesian woman gets jail after exposing philandering boss

The supreme court's shock ruling overturned an earlier court decision that had cleared the woman of breaking a law against spreading indecent material.

Indonesia’s vigilante mobs deliver brutal ‘justice’

Mob violence has been aggravated by rapid urbanisation that brings together strangers from across the country in often poor, overcrowded neighbourhoods, raising stress levels and fuelling mistrust.

Saudi crown prince: Murder of Khashoggi a ‘heinous crime’

Prince Mohammed, widely known as MBS, said Saudi Arabia was working with the Turkish authorities to investigate the case.